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In the realms of science fiction and superheroes nothing is further up the popular culture ladder than Marvel and Star Wars -- let's ignore DC for a moment...

With Marvel having planned out ten years of blissful cinematic heaven, and with a new Star Wars trilogy right on the horizon, nothing could be bigger than these cinematic titans.

Okay, let me rein myself in for a moment. With Marvel and Star Wars both part of the Disney empire, it was virtually inevitable that a talented artist would merge the two concepts.

That someone was Robern Shane, who created expert amalgamations of classic characters from both franchises. The result is spectacular, take a look for yourself below!

1. Iron Trooper!

There's only one Iron Trooper; I bet he uses a blaster like a pro...

2. Mace Fury!

The suavest Jedi super-spy in the galaxy! He'd make an incredible addition to either universe!

3. Darth Doom!

Truly an enemy to fear, regardless of the franchise...

4. Princess Leia Romanov!

Incredible amalgamation of Princess Leia and Black Widow; not a woman you'd want to cross...

5. Spider-Droid!

Spider-Droid, Spider-Droid... Does whatever a-- Whoops, sorry. My personal favorite: A fantastic reinterpretation of Spiderman as a droid!

6. Beastbacca!

The blend of Beast and Chewbacca is just magnificent. A truly awful name, but what else what you call such a fierce creature? I like 'Xbacca' or 'Chewiebeast;' what do you think?

7. Boba Fett and Iron Man Flying High...

Although it's not an amalgamation, it's very impressive. But really, what this really shows is that we need Robert Shane to create an 'Iron Fett,' which just sounds so much cooler than 'Boba Man.'


Which One of Robert Shane's Designs Did You Appreciate The Most?

(Source:, Robertshane.)


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