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Hollywood has always been a competitive industry, with thousands of wannabes showing up every year in the hopes of hitting the big time. While some do manage some long lasting success, others may have their moment in the spotlight for just one fleeting moment. With the industry being so difficult, it seems like characters such as Gollum, and Captain Jack Sparrow have taken up other lines of work in order to supplement their incomes.

Take a look at these posters (available to buy over HERE), which show some of your favorite characters who have had to expand their job searches to rather more ordinary positions:

Captain Jack Sparrow

In many ways Jack Sparrow would be the perfect bartender -- always up for a chat, plenty of good stories, and can have an authoritative hand when he needs it. But on the other hand, he is kind of a massive rum fiend...

Edward Scissorhands

It was a rare day in my house that I was allowed a balloon animal, and had that balloon animal been popped by the scissor-y hands of Edward, I can only imagine my response would be the same as that little boy's.

Lord Voldemort

I can actually imagine that kids would be in love with Voldemort as a babysitter. Kids, much like cats, always seem to gravitate towards those who show them the least affection, and they don't get much colder than Voldemort! Poor Nagini's tail would constantly be pulled though.

Sleeping Beauty

"I'll just lie down on this keyboard for a second....Zzzzzzz"


While I doubt that Gollum would be very good at actually selling the jewelry to you, I could totally see him as a consultant. You could go and see him, he'd tell you what ring looks totally precious on you, and then you can GTFO out of there, and buy the ring somewhere else. Sure it's a niche profession, but I feel like Gollum is qualified.


There's no getting around this one, Dracula would be risking being burnt to a crisp every time he had to clock in. Talk about getting fired....

Source: Comicbook, Hall Fast


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