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As if we needed another reason to think about Jessica Alba, she happily gave us one on this weekends addition of The Late Late Show With James Corden, when she revealed what most of us have already at some point clocked. The girl's got a "tramp stamp."

Appearing on the show alongside Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz, Alba stepped up to the firing line during a conversation about one of Schwartz' fans. Debating the probability that this fan will probably regret getting a tattoo of Ben's face on his/her body in a couple of days time, Jessica "revealed" her unfortunate inking - one that she puts down to the fact that she was going through a break up at the time.

On discovering that the Fantastic Four actresses 'tramp stamp' is in the shape of a bow, Schwartz asks:

“A bow like one you put on presents? Or a bow like Hunger Games?”

Turns out, it's a present-like bow and Corden explains that this therefore means her ass is essentially a "gift" and the pair then wittily start to sing 'Happy Birthday.' Did she take it in good humor? Of course she did!

Check out the clip:

For anyone with a remote interest in Jessica Alba (and, tbh, after that Sin City dance scene, who isn't?), the bow stamp doesn't really come as anything new. But(t) I suppose this has served as a welcome reminder. If you're one of the few that missed the memo, however, here is the gift in all its glory:

Jessica Alba describes the tattoo as "really bad," but clearly she isn't the only person in the world to have something regrettable inked on their bodies. In fact, when it comes to embarrassing celebrity tatts, I'd say her's isn't even one of the worst.

Take these eight, for example:

1. Hayden Panettiere

Ms. Panettiere has the Italian phrase “vivere senza rimipianti” on her back which means to “live without regrets." Turns out she won't though, as there shouldn't be an extra i after the m in "rimpanti". Oh, the irony.

2. Johnny Depp

Once dating Winona Ryder, Johnny got his gal's name forever inked on his upper arm. Of course, the young love didn't last, so he dropped the 'na,' because although Winona isn't forever, wine most definitely is.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Winning the scientific blunders award, when JLaw opted for a H2O tattoo on her hand, she neglected to check the placement of the 2 before getting the symbol for water tattooed on her body forever. Oops.

4. Tom Arnold

Nothing like trying to save a dying marriage than getting a huge tattoo of your (now ex) wife's face on your chest, eh Tom?

5. David Beckham

Another one for the foreign language translation blunders, David Beckham’s Hindi tattoo is a loving tribute to his wife, ‘Vihctoria’.

6. Amanda Seyfried

English words can be lost in translation too, as Amanda Seyfriend proved with her foot minge tattoo.

7. Mena Suvari

According to Mena, three nouns and a lion's head doth a statement make.

8. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg regretted his tattoos so much he apparently took his kids along to watch the removal process as a deterrent. Live and learn, kids.

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