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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the ultra futuristic, third edition to one of the world's most popular and iconic shooters. Following Treyarch's grand reveal of the Black Ops 3 campaign trailer last last week, it would appear that the Call of Duty fan prayers have been answered and players may see a return to the war torn cities of 1940s Europe.

The Campaign

How far can we push technology before it starts pushing back!? The story line is inherently simple - well that's what we're told. The year is 2060 and 35 years have passed since the events of Black Ops 2.

Mason, the favoured protagonist of old, is nowhere to be seen and a new world order threatens to erase his memory for good. What we know of this new threat is minimal but what's certain is that this time around the battle will be done predominantly man to man.

Black Ops 2 had a heavy focus on mobile drone units causing untold devastation to the world's capitals - this time round however, there is a 'drone specific' anti aerial defence system in place, which again further supports the need for full ground troop mobilisation.

The lines between man and machine are heavily blurred in this latest edition. The battle between a man's humanity and the engineered need to kill are tearing the soldiers apart from the inside. The introduction of the Direct Neural Interface allows for a soldier's thoughts and instincts to be relayed directly to his weapons and armour. Weapons communicating with your brain? That can't be healthy..


It would certainly appear from the trailer that some element of Black Ops 3 will either feature within or revolve around WW2. Here's why - at one point in the footage we see a wall explode, the through the hole that remains rolls a WW2 German tank.

Fast forward now to the end of the trailer and you will see a bizarre bunch of images. One of which is a still of a German soldier in an old Call of Duty map.

The surroundings of the image appear to be almost unpacking, as if it is being physically laid out by a computer.

The theory is that there will be a WW2 element to the game but it will most likely be a type of VR exercise for the modern soldiers. Players will be able to play in the WW2 era but it will be a computer programme - reminiscent to the training exercises they have in the Matrix.

Another image that stands out is one where we see a soldier falling down to earth, again in a similar way to the jump programme in the Matrix. Spot the APC bottom left. The scenery that the soldier appears to be jumping into is a WW2 forest - which again supports the teaser imagery of a return to the woodland firefights of old.

Could it be?! The CoD communities, year after year, flood the game developers with requests for either a total resurrection of the world war era style of gameplay or for the team to focus the campaign back to the tragic WW2 era. It would seem that the prayers have been answered - a little.

Other Important Elements

Another awesome thing to note from the campaign reveal is that for the first time in recent memory the campaign mode is not a solely single player experience. You and three other players can gang together to take on the evil powers that stand before your team in Black Ops 3's campaign.

Not only will players be able to play together through the campaign but they may also customise their characters loadout and appearance. This will play out in a very similar vein to multiplayer gameplay. Check it out!

Instead of the typical linear storyline adopted by other CoD titles Black Ops 3 will be set out in a series of missions; each can be replayed from countless other perspectives to achieve an entirely different outcome.

Gender Specific Warfare

As we know from playing the beta, Players can choose between male and female protagonists, in both the campaign and multiplayer modes.

From a few subtle hints in last week's trailer it would appear that the team could be taking us back to our roots, a concept that has been needed for a good few years when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise. With its initial ultra futuristic themes and now a WW2 plug, we may very well see a title to please both the old school Call of Duty fans as well as the newcomers to the franchise. And if my theories are correct, I think this chapter of Black Ops could be the best ever.

Treyarch will release Black Ops III November 6 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. Controversially however - the campaign mode will be exclusive only to current gen machines, meaning all PS3 & 360 owners will have to cough up for a new machine if they wish to play through the campaign.

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