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There's just under a month to go now until Grimm Season 5 premieres, and from what we've heard so far from the cast and crew it's shaping up to be the best one yet.

Silas Weir Mitchell (who plays resident Blutbad and fan favourite Monroe) seemed pretty excited about Season 5 in a recent KGW interview, describing it as a "really good season" before going on to hint at what we can expect to see when the first episode, The Grimm Identity, airs on October 30th 2015.

A Unifying Storyline

The main narrative will take things further than we've seen in previous seasons, as the season takes a big step forward in terms of both storytelling and mythology. We've previously heard from cast members Claire Coffee (Adalind) and Bree Turner (Rosalee) that Season 5 will feel more like a return to Season 1, with less politics and more monsters.

Mitchell says that he feels the new season will be a big step up from the last wherein the overarching narrative felt quite disconnected and all over the place, which he attributes to the writers still figuring out certain elements.

"This year there's one big beautiful storyline that sort of galvanises everything... There's a big thing going on that sort of unifies all of the characters in this one major event. There's still obviously separate storylines within that big event, but it's one big event that the writers really pulled something out of a hat in a really good way to kind of bring it all together."

Narratively Season 5 won't be as complicated or messy as last season. Where before separate plot strands pulled different characters in different directions, this season we can expect the antagonists to pull the main characters together rather than apart. It's going to be less complicated, more simple and direct, and it's all building up to what Mitchell describes as an "awesome season" which will tie a lot of loose ends together.

The Wesen Uprising

"There's a wesen uprising and that kind of challenges everybody in a different way."

In accordance with Grimm Season 5 taking a more linear approach to the storytelling Mitchell says that we can expect to see a lot of momentum building in one direction, leading to a big payoff when the main storyline cumulates.

He's not yet sure what the 100th episode is going to entail, but he speculates that questions will be answered regarding the Seven Keys and Coins of Zakynthos. He's pretty certain that those items will be instrumental to the 100th episode as fans deserve a pay off regarding those story elements, and this ties in with what we've heard from executive producer David Greenwalt:

"At last, we’re going to explain the damn keys! We still don’t know what they do, but by God, we’re going to explain it."

Mitchell goes on to say that the 100th episode with the Keys and Coins will almost certainly be linked to the Wesen uprising somehow and the power struggle that emerges from that. He goes on to explain how the uprising is linked to the big storyline and wider global themes:

"It's starting to have global ramifications, you know, extremism. This uprising involves clearly the idea of extremism, which is a problem that troubles us in the world in a big way right now."

The Wesen King

Doubtless this uprising is linked to the emergence of the new Wesen King in the wake of the death of King Frederick Renard (Dan Kremer) last season. We've previously heard that a new character will be joining the show in a story that relates directly to the new King, and likely tied up with the uprising too.

Carlson Young will join the Grimm cast in Season 5
Carlson Young will join the Grimm cast in Season 5

Selina Golias (portrayed by Carlson Young) will be introduced in a recurring role in Season 5 as a character who ends up protecting the survivor of a wesen attack that resulted in the death of her boyfriend. This action attracts the attention of the Wesen King, who targets her in order to get to the survivor she harbours as part of an ongoing feud.

We're not yet sure if she'll be wesen or human, though her link to the uprising does make it likely that she'll be the former. Regardless it does look like her character will be important in spurring on the narrative when Season 5 returns at the end of the month.

Grimm Season 5 premieres October 30th 2015 with first episode: The Grimm Identity.


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