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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Whatever your view on gender politics, we can all agree that sexual violence and being mean are seriously awful things.

Actress/hiphop artist/model/all-round badass Amber Rose previously delivered a powerful message with her hilarious-but-true 'Walk of No Sham' video for Funny or Die - see the video below - but now she's taken that can-do attitude to another level.

On October 3, Amber Rose led hundreds of people through downtown L.A. on a 'Slut Walk,' an empowering gathering of people committed to stamping out sexual violence, victim-blaming and sexual harassment. Check out the pics!

Amber Rose leads her people to empowerment

Fierce, fierce and more fierce.

My activism brings all the boys to the yard

The Slut Walk was quite a sight to behold.

The Sign Game was strong

Have you ever tried carrying a sign all day? Knackering for the arms, that...

Obviously, Twitter was all over this movement

A real man respects the pussy. Fact.

Instagram captures a heartwarming moment

I'm a sucker for a bunch of people celebrating love and fighting injustice, okay?

The Wall of No Shame allowed people a place to talk

... or just share messages of solidarity and empowerment.

Amber Rose adds her own, crowd goes wild

Shame is not good for anyone. Look at Michael Fassbender in that movie, he was miserable as sin.

Damn straight, sister!

Clothing does not equal consent, obvs!


To Amber Rose and all of the Slut Walk crew, thank you for making people's voices heard with humor and compassion.


How do you feel about Amber Rose?

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