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Could Kate Middleton be any luckier? As if marrying the handsome heir to the British throne wasn't awesome enough, now it turns out her husband is a real life Disney prince, saving damsels in distress as part of his day job. Talk about landing the jackpot!

According to the BBC, the Duke of Cambridge has recently begun a new job as co-pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and helped to save the life of a 9-year-old girl involved in a devastating car crash last Wednesday, September 30th.

Suffering a broken pelvis and legs, the girl was flown to hospital in critical condition by the prince who arrived on the scene shortly after. Occurring in Bedford, Oxfordshire, she was walking when a Mercedes collided with a Ford KA, knocking her over. Reportedly a second girl was involved in the accident, but thankfully only received minor injuries.

This isn't the first time Prince William has become a knight in shining armor for young damsels in distress. In August 2012, it reportedly took him a mere 38 seconds to get to a 16-year-old girl caught in a rip current in Wales! Pretty amazing, huh?

Source: BBC


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