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Ever since the dawn of Hollywood, the West Coast has fascinated and attracted creative types from all over the world, who flock to the city like moths to a flame, hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry. Tinseltown, La-La Land, City of Angels - whatever you want to call it, you can't deny that Los Angeles is a place where dreams come true (or come horrendously, crashing down!).

However you see it, you can't argue that L.A. is the city where it's all at. But increasingly, many are opting to get as far away as possible from the metropolis. And high-profile celebrities are no exception.

Find out which A-listers have chosen to go for a slower pace of life away from the glitz and glamour of L.A.:

1. Sandra Bullock

A real Texas girl, Sandra Bullock was never really drawn to L.A. until recently. For a long time, she chose to enjoy the quiet life by living in down-to-earth Austin, where she enjoyed going on country jogs and a slower pace of life.

2. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

With their huge brood of kids, the Jolie-Pitts spend the majority of their time away from the continent altogether, opting for a living over in France. Speaking in the past, Brad has shared sentiments such as this:

It’s very peaceful and the antithesis of the drive, the want, the need to get ahead indicative of life in Hollywood. I’m instantly reminded what quiet sounds like.

The pair also have a stunning mansion in Richmond, a leafy suburb of London.

3. Julia Roberts

Despite Julia being one of the most iconic Hollywood actresses working today, she's not a big fan of Tinseltown. Instead, she prefers to live on a ranch in New Mexico with her family, finding a home by the mountains more "peaceful." She says:

I always say you can’t be in a bad mood here. I don’t know if it’s New Mexico or just the mountains, but you can’t be silly in a negative way. You can be silly in a fun, whimsical way, but the petty, trite things that make you go, “Oh, God, it’s not the right size” or “Why is this happening like this?”—that kind of stuff doesn’t exist so much here. Everything is kind of clear.

4. Tina Turner

Unsurprisingly, after years of living in hectic L.A., Tina Turner moved away and left America behind altogether. Today, the legendary singer lives in Switzerland, opting for a view over Lake Zurich rather than of L.A.'s concrete jungle.

5. Kevin Spacey

When he's not making heads roll as the U.S. President in the White House on show House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is to be found living a very private life across the pond in London, England. Here, he is also the Creative Director of the British capital's iconic Old Vic theatre.

Yet back in the day, when he was considering the move over to England, he claims that:

People thought I was f**king out of my mind. Certainly in America they thought I was crazy. I don't look so crazy now. I love this country a great deal and there's nothing I can say about it that would be negative.

6. Natalie Portman

U.S. native Natalie got married to Benjamin Millepied and agreed to follow him back to his home country, where the pair are now living in the fabulous French capital of Paris. And needless to say, the Black Swan actress is a big fan of the stricter privacy laws for celebrities over there.

7. John Cusack

Unlike many of the other A-listers on this list who have relocated to other countries, actor John Cusack has decided to stay. But instead of L.A. or New York, he's opted for the windier city of Chicago, where he has a luxury pad. In the past, his distaste for L.A. has been very clear during interviews, with him once being quoted as saying:

LA seems to be a place where a guy can say he’s a ‘life-coach-channeller-masseur’ [...] It just seems to be ripe with all these frontier crazies. People are looking to turn their pain into beautiful art, but they also want to be famous. And there’s so much money – so of course all the predators come in.It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.

8. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda has always been vocal about her dislike of the West Coast, so it comes as no surprised that the Ted 2 actresses has chosen to rest her head in New York's Greenwich Village. She once said:

I sacrificed six years in Los Angeles [...] I did my job out there. I made the contacts and did the work I had to do. But I came here at 18. I'm out of here at 24, and I feel lucky it wasn't longer.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

They may be all smiles on L.A.'s red carpet, but most of the time, Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas are wishing they were somewhere else altogether. In an interview, she revealed:

I hate Los Angeles with a passion [...] I felt that way even when I was single and knocking on doors trying to get a job. We go there, work hard, have our meetings and then get the hell out again. I don't know how people live there, especially with kids.

They prefer to reside in Manhattan, New York.

10. Daniel Day Lewis

Unless he really has to for work, Daniel Day Lewis doesn't usually hang out in L.A. Instead, he lives in "rural paradise" on a farm with his family all the way over in Ireland.

11. Emma Watson

You'd think that British-born Emma would consider relocating to the West Coast to build on her already hefty movie career. However, the young Harry Potter actress admits that this would probably make her absolutely bonkers:

L.A. scares the crap out of me [...] I feel if I have to work out four hours a day, and count the calories of everything I put in my mouth, and have Botox at 22, and obsess about how I look the whole time, I will go mad. I will absolutely lose it.

She's pretty good at doing a Calabasas accent though, like in her movie The Bling Ring for example:



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