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Ryan Murphy is known for mining the casts of his earlier projects to fill out the roles in his newer stuff, but some have gone more unnoticed than others. We all know that Emma Roberts has made the transition from a leading role in American Horror Story to starring in new fall hit Scream Queens, but there's another cast member who also followed Murphy to Fox.

It's a fun little connection between Murphy's two horror-oriented shows that even the most involved fans could have overlooked. And it all centers around certain masked killers.

If you watch Scream Queens, you're already very familiar with this guy

The Red Devil is the school mascot for the fictional Wallace University, and he's currently wreaking havoc on the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tay sorority.

As the anonymous killer, the Red Devil is an unmistakable scourge across the campus, often popping up without the characters even noticing for extended scenes.

But that's the beautiful hilarity of Scream Queens.

Anyway, though we don't know the identity of the murderer (or, potentially, murderers) just yet, we do know the stuntman who embodies him.

His name is Riley Schmidt, and this is what he looks like

I know he's a stuntman and the whole point is to reveal one of the main cast much later, but I think it may be its own crime to keep a face like that behind a mask.

His appearance may not be ringing any bells for you right now, but you've probably seen him on another Ryan Murphy show before.

Remember the Rubber Man from American Horror Story's first season?


After the completely covered menace raped Connie Britton and ended up getting her pregnant, he was ultimately uncovered to be none other than Tate Landgdon.

But, before that big reveal took place (and even before Evan Peters knew he would be the killer), Riley Schmidt was the one who was donning that unforgettable rubber suit.

It seems that Ryan Murphy really enjoys working with the same people, even when that includes making them play masked maniacs.

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