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If you frequent the vast world known as Creepypasta, then you are probably aware of the horror story known as 'The Rake.'

Sightings describe this creature as human-like, six feet tall, with pale grey skin. Most of you are probably familiar with this image that has been circulating for a while:

Rumor has it that a decade ago, a wife and husband had woken up in the middle of the night and had found a pale, humanoid being sitting on the corner of their bed.

[Picture by TheIckyMan]

Unfortunately, the long-limbed brute ran to their daughter's room and mauled her. Before she passed, her last words were, "He is the Rake."

Whether fact or fiction, the thought of a ghastly humanoid wandering America with the ability to due harm definitely makes for a scary film. Gearmark felt so inspired by the existence of the Rake, they created an entire short film revolved around the story of this creature.

Check out this short called RAKE below:

I have personally been itching to go camping recently, but this short film is definitely giving me second thoughts. The look of that creature just sends chills down my spine, costume or not!

In-between the horror, the cast and crew decided to have a bit of fun with the creepy creature, and placed the costume in random places to freak each other out.

I bet he has the scariest campfire stories ever. Most of them would probably revolve around the horrific ways he's mangled people.

I would love to work on a horror film such as RAKE, but I just know I couldn't handle some creepy pranks revolving around such a terrifying monster. So perhaps I am the perfect person to scare on set, actually...

[Source: imgur, listverse, creepypasta]


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