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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 1. Proceed with caution.

After six weeks Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead has come to an end, and what a great finale to finish on. After seeing minimal walker activity all season, we certainly got our fix in the finale when Daniel Salazar unleashed thousands from the L.A. arena onto the military zone, in an attempt to locate his wife Griselda, and Nick.

There was a lot of action, gore and violence in the final episode, but it was also packed with emotion. Chris' mother, and Travis' ex-wife, Liza was shot by Travis in the final moments of the episode, after she revealed she had been bitten as the group escaped the military compound. The loss of Liza will make for an interesting challenge for the characters in Season 2, not only because of her relationship to the other characters, but also because of her medical knowledge.

But unfortunately Season 2 (which will be a whopping 15 episodes long!) won't premiere for quite some time, so in the meantime, check out the top five things that you may have missed in The Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 finale, 'The Good Man.'

1. Daniel Salazar will do anything for his family

Alright, so we already saw this in Episode 5, when Daniel took a soldier hostage to find out where Griselda was being held, but this episode stepped that up a notch when it became clear that his past in the Salvadoran Civil War has hardened this man (and after learning he used to torture people, who's really surprised?).

Unleashing over 2,000 walkers on the military base is a seriously ballsy and intense move, especially when he knew there were innocent civilians inside. And now, following Ofelia being wounded toward to the end of the episode, and learning that Griselda is dead, I would imagine that in Season 2 Daniel has become a pretty dangerous guy. He's not necessarily on anyone's side, he's just trying to find a way to ensure his family's survival, and God help anyone else who gets in the way of that. Keep an eye on him folks, I'm expecting some shit to go down when someone challenges his authority in future episodes.

2. Travis finally changed

Over the course of the season we've seen pretty much every character go through some sort of huge change as they realize the reality of this new world. Everyone, that is, except Travis. It took until the finale for Travis to really see how crazy this new world is, and that he really has to find ways to bend his morals to suit.

In the finale, not only did we see a previously anti-gun Travis carrying a shotgun, but he also beat the ever-loving piss out of revenge-hungry soldier, Andy, when he shot Ofelia in the arm. It was also Travis who ultimately spared Liza the horrible fate of turning into a walker, when he shot her at the end of the episode. As Redditor foundtheseeker pointed out, we saw Travis demonstrate that he's "capable of the violent mercy that we see as a theme" in both The Walking Dead, and now Fear the Walking Dead.

3. Strand is still a mystery but he has the right idea

The only way to survive a mad world, is to embrace the madness

Some powerful words from our new mystery character, Victor Strand. But you gotta hand it to him, he's definitely got the right idea for this new world the characters are living in.

While last week Strand seemed as though he might be a possible villain for Season 2, this week he redeemed himself slightly when he lead our group all to safety at his palatial, oceanside manor (which we learned, probably came from money made in property development). While I'm still not willing to fully trust him — he did seem to leave a whole group of helpless people locked inside their pens with no qualms, I do have to admit he has done more for the group than I thought. But what exactly does Strand want, and what is his master plan? Unfortunately, these are things we're going to have to wait until Season 2 to find out. What are your thoughts?

4. The characters in Fear have as much knowledge as the ones in The Walking Dead

Much like Season 1 of The Walking Dead finished with Dr. Jenner telling Rick that everyone was infected and turned into a walker after death, Liza Ortiz also told Travis just as much. This information is pretty vital for the group to understand early, so that if a group member dies, they can be sure to injure their brain before they reanimate as a walker. Heres hoping Travis doesn't withhold this information from the group like Rick did!

5. We'll sail the seas in Season 2

That's right, in the finale we met Abigail, Mr. Strands luxurious yacht which is set to become a new setting and floating safe zone in Season 2. The boat is an interesting choice for a setting, though readers of The Walking Dead comics will already be familiar with the concept.

The Walking Dead issue 139
The Walking Dead issue 139

Whether or not Abigail becomes the main setting for Season 2 is unclear, though a boat does give potential for this currently L.A.-based show to move to other areas of the U.S. (or even the world), provided they have a safe enough harbor. Whether or not walkers do well in open water is something that remains to be seen, and whether or not our particular group can stay sane out on a yacht in the middle of the ocean we don't know, but it certainly has made me very excited for the second season. Personally, I'm gunning to see some kind of Waterworld-like atolls in our future, anyone else?

BONUS: Did anyone else notice the wedding rings?

Did Madison and Travis pull a Maggie and Glenn and get married unofficially? At the start of the season they were an unmarried couple, right?

The premiere date for Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead is yet to be confirmed, but Season 6 of The Walking Dead premieres on October 11th.

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