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Before she became the actress we all know and love today, Emma Stone was also a bitch, a lover, a child, and a mother. Well, at least that's what she claimed in a song over a decade ago.

In 2004, our lovely Emma Stone (Emily at the time) was just a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 16-year-old hopeful competing to win the role of Laurie Partridge on VH1's talent reality show In Search of the New Partridge Family.

Anyone else remember watching that show while it was on air? Sometimes I think back to it and it feels like a strange, fever-induced dream that never really happened. Luckily we have the footage to prove it did.

From her role in Easy A, we know that Emma Stone has a knack for breaking out into song, but hearing her sing a rousing rendition of Meredith Brooks's song 'Bitch' is something that should never be forgotten.

Yes, Emma! Get it.

Just look at that dedication. Flawless.

In the end, Emma beat out her competition, Alexis Mero, for the role of Laurie.

Sadly, although the search for the new Partridge family was far from fruitless -- it did yield this fantastic footage of Emma Stone, after all -- it didn't actually result in a new Partridge Family show.

Only the pilot episode of The New Partridge Family was ever produced. But as we all know, Emma Stone's career didn't suffer even a little bit.

In the end, if the reality competition was any indication, the short lifespan of The New Partridge Family was probably a blessing. Plus, now we can look back and be grateful for this fantastic GIF.

What could be a terribly embarrassing moment from the mid-2000s is instead immortalized as one more example of how funny and adorable Emma Stone is. Please, Emma, don't ever change.

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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