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Growing up in L.A., I've been to at least 100 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. If you are unfamiliar with the Bar Mitzvah circuit, it's essentially a period of time in middle school where your Jewish friends become men/women. They get a lot of gifts, mostly checks for a lot of money, and they also get thrown extravagant parties that they are too young to thoroughly enjoy.

There's a point when six to seven men lift the 12 or 13-year-old up on a chair and sing "Hava Nagila Hava" and it's just overall a momentous and joyous celebration. You might not realize it, but a lot of celebrities had these when they were kids... and there are some pretty amazing photos to prove it.

Like this one, of Seth Rogen looking super swagged out at his Bar Mitzvah. He posted a of it last week.

Which reminds me...

Drake's Bar Mitzvah was lit

Drake killed it at his Bar Mitzvah, and I don't want to hijack Seth Rogen's post here, but this might have been the best Bar Mitzvah of all time, if you take into account who Drake became.

He even made this music video to commemorate it...


Bonus Bar Mitzvahs

Jeremy Piven at his Bar MItzvah:

Not sure why he looks so bummed out, but he's killing it in that three-piece suit.

Max Greenfield (New Girl) at his Bar Mitzvah:

Awkward stages are always amazing.


Would you rather have gone to Drake or Seth Rogen's Bar Mitzvah?

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