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Despite being the host of the Season 41 premiere of Saturday Night Live, things weren't all smiles and laughs for Miley Cyrus, who broke down at the piano as performed her song 'I Had a Dream (Twinkle Song),' a song which is dedicated to her deceased dog, Floyd.

Cyrus had tears streaming down her face as she sang the song, while playing a piano, on which sat a photo of the her beloved dog, who was killed in 2014. The song was taking from Cyrus's recently released album 'Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz.'

But although the ballad might have brought on the waterworks, there was laughter earlier in the premiere episode when Miley commented on Ariana Grande, Drake, Rachel Dolezal and the dentist who infamous killed Cecil the Lion in her opening monologue:

Source: The Mirror


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