ByUli Prime, writer at

Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger is intense, smart, and remarkable. It kills you that you want to see more from this two face gangster. Johnny's character as Bulger will keep you guessing in so many ways you never know what he is going to do next. The moment you feel you have everything figured out, Bulger shocks! you with a Bang!! that is his performance. How I never loved a irish gangster fresh out of South Boston. How far can he go is your thought process throughout the film, what he does next will keep you entertained and stuck in your seat, if you miss a beat you just may have missed a scene that could have done it for you. Black Mass has it's own moderate flow throughout never slow even paced always keeping you involved. WIth the constant back n forth sequences through interviews with the FBI & Former associates of Mr. Bulger keeps you thinking what happens to Johnny Depp? Until you watch the movie all the way through the end is the ultimate ending. You can only go so far in life until you have to eventually reap what you sow.


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