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For the longest time, I have been a huge advocate of bringing the Court of Owls to the soon to be Batman film series.
that is until I heard the rumblings through the grape vine that they could be seen sooner than we thought and brought to life on the small screen.

Naturally after finishing both the Court of Owls and Night of the Owls my curiosity was peaked, so I took to the magical beast that is Google and decided to investigate. For the most part I found mainly rumours and fan theories about how and when this could happen, even the occasional funny man claiming that the entire Court of Owls will be.... Jason Todd (because that jokes not been done to death by now).

There was even a theory that the Galavan siblings could be the stepping stones towards the Court's arrival on the show which I thought sounded very plausible also.
That was until our friends over at sat down with the man behind the show and asked Bruno Heller that very question, to which he gave a very promising reply:

“Yeah, absolutely, [I'm interested]. I won’t say that it’s part of – I don’t even want to say that, because I don’t want to spoil part of the story,The Court of Owls is deep, deep, deep Gotham mythology. The comic book fans know about it, but I would suspect the larger audience is not so familiar. We sometimes have to make a distinction between the ‘Nolan-era Batman movie fans’ and the comic book fans. It’s not that they’re two separate audiences, just that there are two levels of engagement. Court of Owls is very much deep DC mythology. We are absolutely going to explore that world down the line. Looking at the longevity of the show, we have to hold some cards back, we can’t just throw all of the elements, all of the story at once, The long arc of the show is Bruce Wayne’s journey of discovery down into the depths of the physical and meta-physical world of Gotham. The Court of Owls is a brilliant concept that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.”

So now we know that they're set to appear on Gotham at some point but the question is when and could it work well? Will we see them involved within the films? I've given it some thought and I really think The Court of Owls will work a hell of a lot better on the small screen and free up the movies to explore even more avenues within the Batman mythology, *cough* Under The Red Hood followed by Death Of The Family *cough*.

I'm pretty sure my initial reservations were only down to the fact that I thought it would've looked incredible to see Ben Affleck's Batman on the big screen going toe-to-toe with legions of Talons or seeing them explore the psychological torture Batman endured buried under ground in that white maze.
Again, I think all this blind excitement was down to finishing the book series and watching the recently released BvS trailer over and over like an obsessive teenage girl fawning over a Justin Bieber - whatever one of those is.

image sourced from Google
image sourced from Google

Now as exciting as it would be to see this all play out on the big screen, I think Bruno Heller hit the nail on the head when he said that the Court's mythology runs deep within Gotham.
Meaning that they're bigger than just Batman, they're more than just a villain of the Dark Knight, The Court of Owls are as much a rooted part of Gotham's history as any of the founding families are.

Gotham is a show that I feel brilliantly depicts the city itself as a character within itself as much as anyone else.
Not only is it showing the birth of Bruce Wayne's inner demons and development into Batman, not only does it show Jim Gordon's early career as Gotham's current savior, but it depicts the rich history and formation of Gotham City as its shaped into the dark twisted home of so many famous and infamous characters that we know and love.

I think that using Gotham as a platform to launch such a now iconic group of villains is perfect because the show has something of an advantage over a film version and that advantage is time.
Placing them within the universe of the television show allows the writers the freedom of time, time to explore the origins of this dark and twisted group, time to create a large sense of overpowering dread for the viewers and time to show off a multitude of different Talons and in turn also dig deeper into each Talons own past.
This would give our show's heroes some very tough enemies to take on, both physically and mentally challenging in nature from the Court themselves and their agents of doom, the Talons.

image sourced from Google
image sourced from Google

I know some fans like me would be somewhat disappointed with not seeing them face off against Batman himself, but who's to say that couldn't happen in the future?

The brilliant thing about Gotham as a series is that it's the birth of a lot of aspects that help make Batman who he is and even Bruce for that matter.
It also gives casual fans the history and origins of various characters that you would only usually get from reading the source material. Everyone I know who has read this series of books instantly became huge fans of the Court of Owls as villains of Batman.
So given the current state of Gotham in the early stages of Season 2, so far (no spoilers, don't worry) what better way would there be to slowly bring out the self proclaimed "purifiers of Gotham?"

Just as things begin to truly get messy in the city with criminals running riot, why not bring about a force of change? If it's written well, the show's creators could have the potential for a long and thrilling plot line laced within a number of seasons, they could even have a young Bruce stumble upon one of the Talons hidden hide outs within Gotham as he begins to hone his detective skills - a scene that could mirror the book itself.

image sourced from Google
image sourced from Google

There are a number of huge aspects the show's creators could draw from and with time they have the chance to really sink their teeth into the long depths the Court has. Time that I don't feel a film would have to truly dive into such a complex group.

With Gotham as a series they have a chance to truly explore this dark and twisted group that came so close to besting Batman himself, the have a chance to show casual fans the true nature of such an incredibly thrilling and psychologically twisted group of people. They even have the chance to use the Talons themselves as a way to influence Bruce into becoming the Batman.
Fans of the New 52 will know that not all the Talons were completely bad and that fact right there could be Gotham's answer to having a Batman-like character, without rushing Batman's origins itself and giving Bruce some early inspiration to draw from.

image sourced from Google
image sourced from Google

Naturally I was joking with that last comment, but you never know. It could be a cool idea, right?

The DCEU could even use the series as an origin point of sorts, even though the show and films aren't directly connected. It could still save a lot of time on their introduction and would give Batman an enemy that has been lurking in the shadows before the Dark Knight was even an idea in Bruce's mind.

I personally can't wait to see where the show goes with this concept and feel that the series is the perfect place for such a complex group of villains.
They can truly depict the warped nature of the Court of Owls without cramming so much into an allotted film schedule. I personally think a two hour window would be a hard push, especially when it comes to the fans who don't know much about the source material itself. Even though we're only two episodes into Season 2 so far, the show is off to an incredible start. The season started off strong and I'm excited to see what they throw at us next.

Please feel free to chime in on the comments section below and let me know how you think the show could use the Court in the best possible way or your general thoughts on them being adapted for television.


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