ByUli Prime, writer at

Another reason why Remakes are sometimes bad ideas. This movie fails in lots of ways. It doesn't compliment the original film that was done in 1982. In the beginning I was giving the film it's hope for being a traditional original. But sadly it ended as a comic spoof in some sorts. I'm not sure if the directors/producers of this film were taking it seriously all the tones made me feel it was more of a comedy film than a scary movie. The film was nicely casted. Sam Rockwell I love his acting style and his forwardness for bringing light comedy to dark situations!! The film itself doesn't hesitate in bringing the poltergeist to life. As soon as the family moves in the house, all of the craziness begins. I feel the movie itself fell off when it went from being a film about a demonic entity, into being a ghost buster film about ghosts that can only go back to where they came by only one man Sir Jared Harris. If your trying to see this movie I say don't waist your money in theaters, if you can it's a wait in so many ways. Not worth a full buy on Blu-ray or Dvd. If you can see it for free online I would suggest you do that. I normally don't recommend watching free movies, but when it comes to disaster remakes like this. It's highly recommended that you save your money and not waist your hard earned money. If your fan of Sam Rockwell this will be a good addition in your closet! But the re-watchability is a big low. I'd rather see the original film then waist my time with this wanna be ghost movie since that's what this movie is. A great take on a Bad Casper the Ghostbusters kinda flick!!


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