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With just three episodes left in the first season of the Patrick Stewart/Starz comedy, we thank God it already has an early renewal for a second. That being said, it's time to count down the top five things fans of the show (and especially of Mr. Stewart) are hoping the show's creators will bring into the sophomore season of Blunt Talk.

5) More Comedy...Sans Seth MacFarlane

His comedic influence on the script was obvious to those who've watched the show since its first episode, "I Seem To Be Running Out Of Dreams For Myself" aired in late August. It became quite evident that MacFarlane had been a part of the writing process when our first real interaction with Walter Blunt was in a scene where he was obviously intoxicated beyond the ability to drive. He had a little chit-chat with Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data - Star Trek: TNG), and of course, following Seth MacFarlane type comedy, Walter ended up in a position involving police, resisting arrest, and deep conversation with transsexual prostitute. Bring in some new blood to help you, Jonathan Ames. MacFarlane's Family Guy schtick has just, well, if I'm being blunt here, overstayed its welcome.

4) The 2016 Presidential Election

Patrick Stewart has brought such a realness to the character of Walter Blunt. I feel like he's already a better newsman than some of those we face seeing each and every morning, afternoon, and night. Well, he certainly still has his ethics, which is more than can be said about a good chunk of the others. Watching him follow the sixteen car pileup that is the 2016 Presidential Race, would be a treat for viewers who are still reeling from the loss of Jon Stewart as the head of The Daily Show, earlier this year.

3) X-Men Co-Stars

There is no shortage of actors who've worked with Patrick Stewart that have nothing but the utmost respect for him and his incredible talent. With fifteen years with the FOX/Marvel franchise, Sir Patrick Stewart has worked with some of the best that Hollywood has to offer. I'm sure it would be no trouble at all for him to convince former co-stars Halle Berry, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn, Kelsey Grammer (all of whom who've starred in their own TV shows since) to swing on by. And his of course his own BFF, Ian McKellan, I would love to see pop up on the show for a guest appearance or even just a quick cameo.

2) More Star Trek: TNG Cast Members

Unlike his predecessor, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart not only managed to become incredibly close with all his cast mates from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he has continued to do so since the show's series finale back in the early nineties. The appear together whenever humanly possible, at Comic-cons, reunion specials, and they even reunited to voice themselves in an episode of Family Guy. Brent Spiner, as I mentioned above, who played Data on the show, has already firmly seated himself among the minor supporting cast, making small appearances on the show, offering advice to Walter Blunt, being a friend to him much like Data was to Captain Picard. Show creator, Jonathan Ames, has stated that he has every intention of finding a way to get these wonderful people a spot on Blunt Talk.

1) A Love Interest Played by Gates McFadden

In one of the worst wasted potential love stories ever, Star Trek: TNG, offered the audience the possible romance between Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher, only to tease, tease, and tease without actually ever bringing the couple together on screen. The chemistry between Stewart and McFadden is undeniable. For fans of this show and of The Next Generation, it would finally aid in bringing closure to a long desired prospect that even though was written in book form and hinted at in the show, was never brought to the full fruition of complete fan satisfaction.

In Closing.

Blunt Talk has the potential to be an excellent series for its respective network that is seriously lacking in actually funny comedy shows. My main resistance comes with the inclusion of Seth MacFarlane, he plays too big a part here and I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to wind him down a little. My utmost respect to creator and writer, Jonathan Ames, for bringing so much life into a character and an actor that many of us thought would never get the chance to showcase his amazing talent on the small screen once again. I look forward to season 2 when it premieres sometime in 2016. In the meantime, I'll keep myself firmly entertained with the remaining three episodes of Blunt Talk.


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