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The Film itself is greatly! appreciated for being a film of it's own. Where I lost interest was about an hour into the film. There was a movie I seen called contracted in 2013! Contracted reminded me of maggie the flip-side instead of it being about a hot chick!! who gets contracted with a zombie infection!! Maggie is a film focusing on the life of a young little girl!! with puffy cheeks who gets contracted with a zombie disease!! Though the question is always asked how did the zombie infection come to be? Which is the question in every zombie film.

This film could have separated itself from the rest if it focused on the idea how it happened. Maybe it could have sparked some interest.

Arnold's character wasn't enough for me to relate to him or enjoy him. I was wanting to see at least some action.

In the trailers when I first seen this movie, I thought this was a movie about a man's journey protecting his daughter! by searching for a cure.

Not just staying in a house all day, whining and crying oh my daughter is infected.

Ok I know she is infected by a zombie. Now lets move on and do something about it!

This film could have done what the last of us video game did for us. A Man in Flannel clothing can be super kick ass!! and interesting.

The search of a cure is what is needed to levitate the film a bit. Maggie ends up just being a boring film that in some scenes I was hoping it would just fast forward itself to make a point.

Instead of being a slow paced drama horror zombie film, maggie should have been a fast paced getting to the point, with the fight for survival the main course of action.

Give me a movie with some fight that Arnold's character & his daughter can share moments in his pick up truck sharing tears, sharing anger, sharing emotion, being a living limb. Instead of living dead caracas.


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