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Not so long ago, Wesley Snipes revealed that he was in talks with Marvel (Disney) about doing another Blade project:

The project is controlled by Marvel and we did have a really productive and a wonderful meeting and we discussed a number of things. I don’t know where it’s on their schedule at this point, that hasn't been decided. I guess it’s still up in the air. - Deadline

“There’s always a possibility, you know. It’s in Marvel’s hands. They’re controlling the pace and the flow with that. Conversations have been good. They see the value in it. We see the value in it. I'm still in shape enough and fit enough to handle the role. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to it yet.” - Inquistr

Which confirms that Marvel are looking to do something with this character, but how R rated Blade and the Blade Trilogy is it is hard to see how it would fit into The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Unless it is a Netflix show, Daredevil, the only Marvel/Netflix show to date, can be considered R Rated and connects to the larger MCU with out feeling out of place, which does give some hope to the character now the question is, what is this show (if it happens) about and as you have read the title you already now where I'm going with this soooooooo

Could Marvel's Howling Commandos be Coming to Netflix?

If you're wondering "Howling Commandos, I've heard that somewhere before" well you are right the Howling Commandos originally it's name of Captain America's team in WWII which have appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. This Howling Commandos however consists of Marvel's Monsters and darker characters including Werewolf by midnight, N'Kantu, the Living Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Zombie, Man-Thing and many more, and in the comics are teamed up by Nick Fury as a supernatural unit of S.H.I.E.L.D and given the name Howling Commandos as tribute to the original team.

This concept for a R Rated TV series where a team of supernatural creatures rounded up by Nick Fury/Blade (or a member of S.H.I.E.L.D) to take down supernatural threats it's a good concept kinda like supernatural meets the Avengers, which is a interesting mix. Granted Blade hasn't been officially in the Howling Commandos but has worked with them a few times but is the most well known character and loved character out of them, also having someone like Wesley Snipes' Blade was the leader/focus of this Rag-Tag Group of monsters would make sense and be awesome.

One question that does spring to mind though is how they would Marvel introduce this team, will they do what they have done with The Avengers? And what there doing with The Defenders where each character has there own standalone movie/Series before the team up or just go straight into the Howling commandos? Personally I would go straight into a team up cause it changes up the flow of Marvel properties because a show like Daredevil which was super successful pushed back a series like Iron Fist which makes The Defenders Netflix series further away which is both a good and bad thing, But someone like Wesley Snipes isn't getting any younger (no offence) so doing the show now straight away gives them more time with the character.


Would you like to see a Howling Commandos Series?


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