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In the world of fandoms, there are few that can bring together such a vast amount of fans as Harry Potter. The franchise has collectively gathered billions of people worldwide to band together and express their love for the wizarding world. Luckily enough for the world of HP, there are many other fandoms just dying to make their way into the spotlight as well.

The Legend Of Zelda

Which would you choose? Flying blue fairy or magic-using witch?

Game of Thrones

You might be asking yourself, how could Hot Pie have traveled all the way from Westeros to Hogwarts? Well, the answer is simple really. Magic!

Men in Black

If they ever make a Men in Black 4, make sure to give Harry, Ron, and Hermione a call!


Go Hedwig! Use Aerial Ace!

Mean Girls

Hermione really knows how to sort out her priorities!

The Avengers

I'm not sure if I agree with Cap being put into Hufflepuff, but what do you think? Is Tony Stark really a Slytherin?

Doctor Who

Of course, if David Tennant is going to be in a Harry Potter movie you can expect more than a few Doctor Who jokes. Don't even get me started on how his magic chest is bigger on the inside.

Lord of the Rings

You know they are true friends when they won't let you save the world by yourself. Samwise taught us that.


Ginny would be so proud...

The Dark Knight

I would definitely pay money to see the Joker team up with Voldemort.

I bet you never knew Harry Potter could fit into all of these fandoms could you? There certainly is a lot of love for the wizarding world, and even more love for all of these other magnificent fandoms. Which one is your favorite?



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