ByUli Prime, writer at

If you never seen this movie. Prepared to be disturbed. If your a person who loves the night out on the town, the party scene, unsafe sex.

Then your the reason why so many people are being infected in the world today.

This film focuses on a young pretty girl Najarra Townsend who is infected by a zombie virus through a sexually transmitted disease. After having drank too much at a party, she is seen talking with a mysterious guy, she leaves the party with the guy then he rapes her in the backseat of a car, shockingly!! right after she wakes up in a morgue pronounced dead.

The disturbing parts you witness in this film will leave you trembling, dirty, and going ugh! That was nasty! My favorite part was the Maggot scene! Ugh!! just thinking about it gives me goose bumps I can feel them crawling on my skin!!

If your watching contracted with your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife be sure to get your significant other checked at the hospital just to be on the safe side. No telling where he or she has been before or after seeing this movie.

The transition of Najarra physical appearance throughout the film is incredible to witness a worthy capture and an applause to the effects department of this film.

Iv'e never seen make up look so convincing.

I'm no doctor but if that's how fast a virus spreads in the body, there is no chance for the human race if we were ever plagued with the horrific zombie virus.

A Good watch! A Def buy if you like to share with your friends and closed loved ones this disgusting and incredible story def it's own story the ending will make you smile and go..damn..that was one crazy ass movie.


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