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Frozen was a runaway success that no-one expected, spurring Disney into merchandise overload and prompting both the short film Frozen Fever and the sequel: Frozen 2. But while the film was undoubtably an instant classic, with a great soundtrack and inspiring messages for kids, there were still problems with the story, and audiences were left with many burning questions that MUST be answered by the sequel!

Worldbuilding, Mythology, & Magic Powers

First up has to be the overarching mythology of the world. Frozen is set in a general fairy tale world, where magic powers are somewhat commonplace and secret trolls give helpful advice. While the beautiful scenery and whimsical setting was absolutely delightful, it certainly did leave us with a lot of questions, such as where Elsa's powers came from, and why the trolls exist.

The trolls provide some exposition for Elsa's powers, but overall they seem a litte out of the blue, just kind of appearing in the story out of a need for well, exposition. The trolls were actually included to hark back to Nordic and Icelandic mythology: trolls are a huge part of that culture even today, and in Iceland they are believed to be formed from the mountains and boulders that characterise the landscape.

Considering that Frozen has a Scandavian setting, the inclusion of trolls seems right, except they were just kind of... there, serving little purpose except to impart much needed knowledge onto our heroes. And even then we didn't get a lot of information out of them. Let's see some more Nordic fairy folk in Frozen 2!

Speaking of worldbuilding, how about a proper explanation about why Elsa has powers - do they run in the family? Is she part fairy? Or is it just chance? And how come powers over ice and snow also somehow include dressmaking magic...

Of course, a lot of this should be taken lightly (this is a kids' story after all) but sometimes giving an explanation only expands the mythology and creates new magical possibilities and plots.

More Sister Interaction Please!

For a story about sisters, Frozen is seriously lacking in sisterly talks. As adults, Elsa and Anna converse a grand total of 3 times, which is disappointing considering how much screentime is dedicated to developing Anna's relationships with Hans and Kristoff. Naturally, this was hard to avoid considering the plot had Elsa isolate herself, but it would still be nice to see Elsa and Anna work together to save the day. Here's some possibilities that we'd like to see in Frozen 2...

  • Anna and Elsa go off on an adventure together, exploring new lands!
  • Kristoff gets into some trouble while away from home, leaving Elsa and Anna determined to save him.
  • Elsa's ability to create life invites the attention of other powerful people, but Anna thinks they're not quite as friendly as they might seem...

It would also be great to see Elsa and Anna work through some of their relationship issues together: after years apart, Anna must feel some resentment towards Elsa for isolating herself. Now that the truth's out they can finally talk about their past, and that would be great to see. And they don't always have to be best friends! Sisters often bicker and argue, and it would be great to see Elsa and Anna fight over small things, but always come together again.

All in all, Frozen 2 has a lot to live up to after the huge success of the first film, but by exploring the mythology and concentrating on the relationship between Elsa and Anna, we're sure the sequel will be just as good as Frozen... and maybe better!

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