ByJordan Owen, writer at
Jordan Owen

The Martian has seen a very positive reception from critics and audiences alike, and may be one of the best reviewed films of 2015, one might say this is a breath of fresh air for those that have seen some of Ridley Scott's darker and grittier films, such as Alien, Gladiator and Robin Hood. The film was light and humorous and held a very different tone than some of Ridley Scott's past films. Drew Goddard script, mixed with Ridley Scott's direction has made for an amazing blend of story telling and spectacular twists and special effects, and it was nice to see more humour injected into Scott's latest flick. From the moment I realized Goddard and Scott were working together I knew it would make for a fabulous combination.

One of the few objections I had to the film, was perhaps Sean Beans role. His acting wasn't necessarily the issue, but more the casting and why he was cast. It seemed to me like many other actors could have played his part, but then again if you want to work with a legend like Scott, then I suppose it wouldn't matter what role you were in.

I thought that the Martian would be darker and more psychological, perhaps a combination of I am Legend in space might have been more of what I thought, but it was most pleasant to see that it was more like cast away, and that the film didn't solely focus on Matt Damon. The film also saw the perspectives of NASA and the surviving astronauts that thought Damon dead, as this added multiple dimensions to the story.

Overall this was an enjoyable film for those rooting for a likeable main character, and I look forward to more of Scotts and Goddards work.