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They were one of those TV couples we were all pulling for, but since none of my favorites are ever safe in Westeros, the beauty that is Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa just couldn't last. Remember the days of pulling for Khaleesi and Khal Drogo to nab the Iron Throne as a gorgeous, perfectly coiffed couple? Sweet, simpler times.

Now, the Game of Thrones actors have done us all a solid and posted pictures of an impromptu reunion during Paris Fashion Week. Both Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa quickly took to Instagram to show us that there's still unbelievable chemistry between these former co-stars.

These two have never looked so giddy

It's nice seeing how close they are even after several seasons apart. I guess the bonds built by the Dothraki are as strong Emilia and Jason's style game.

Like any good duo, they even share clothing

Yes, I know that Jason is in a fulfilling and happy relationship with Lisa Bonet, but these smiley goofballs should, at the very least, always remains friends.

This is what life could have been if Westeros were a little more peaceful

And, y'know, if it had electricity and cell phones and Instagram. But mostly, I mean these two enjoying each other's company! Because that truly will never get old.

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