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Phillip Allen Star Wars, what it was called before they starting using Episodes #'s. The Prequels were very good, with Clones being the worst of the 6, no doubt, a few good scenes, like the arena, but the Jango Fett and the origin of Boba Fett were worth it. Jar Jar was terrible, C.Lee (R.I.P.) was too old to be believeablebut still gave a fantastic performance. Phantom Menace was fantastic, and Revenge was absolutely awesome. Obi Wan's evolution; Jango/Boba story; Anakin's fall; Order 66; Darth Maul; General Grievous; and the Duel on Mustafar; Pod Racing; the space battles; Yoda; and tons of lightsabers. I loved the Prequels. For me it's Ep 4(SW), Ep 3(Revenge), Ep 6(Return), Ep 5(Empire), Ep 1(PM), Ep 2 (Clones). So, we'll see where 7 rates, I trust JJ Abrams, but I'm not thrilled that they threw out the EU, and went their own way, but from everything I've read and seen, it seems like they are manuevering to carve out a space, but not completely disregard the EU afterall, one can only hope.

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