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An Ice Ray Academy Series story

It was an extremely cold winter in North America that broke every known record for freezing temperatures. So cold in fact that many magical Fae from hibernation after centuries of sleep. With this awakening, Ice Ray Academy sent forth Jayariel Drillowup and Corrine Daniels to ensure the safety of mortals who were unaware of these magical beings.

Unknown even to the Child Goddess Aphrael, a new threat had emerged. An ancient ice demon that unfortunately looked very much like The Abominable Snowman (Yeti) had awoken from its icy tomb, which had enclosed it for the past million years.

Marit Lage was the term this demon had been referred to in legends and myths. It was a black shadow that generated such fear that the Neanderthals were terrorized into worshipping the creature with human sacrifice.

Back then yeti and Bigfoot did exist and were not uncommon? Actually, back then yeti and humans lived peacefully but unlike humans, these great mythical beasts were unafraid of Marit Lage. They knew it was unnatural and so they used their innate magic to seal away her at the beginning of the first great Ice Age.

So when Marit Lage awoke, it was only natural that Yetis and Sasquatches were the first targets of her eternal icy rage. In one vast and calculated attack, she turned almost all of the Yetis and Sasquatches into icy golems and cursed them so they could only hunt non-magical beings. Alpa was the only one to escape this cursed enchantment because she was not residing with any yeti packs . Instead she was beginning her travels around the world.

Shortly thereafter Jayariel and Corrine appeared in the cursed Realms of Nunavut, The Yukon and the Northwest Territories. They were entirely unaware the demon resided in its lair at the North Pole. They had heard terrifying stories of slow, ice-covered beings that were feeding on the local Inuit tribes in Canada, Alaska and Siberia, so they wanted to discover the truth

Not long afterwards, they came across the tracks of a Yeti. While Jayariel was familiar with this race as he was one of the few good Fae to have encountered them in in the decades after Lloth returned to Earth. As he had been assigned to the Himalayas to ensure good relations between humans and Yeti. Corrine, however,did not yet have a great knowledge of Yetis, still believing they were cannibals who fed on solitary humans.

"No, Corrine," Jayariel said sensing her fears. "That what you speak of are the foolish notions of humans for the past few thousand years The belief originated in myth from what you have personally learned. But maybe there is a link between the myths you were raised on and the true stories I have learned personally. At the Academy, we often learned, to our misfortune, that not everything in our lore is true.

"And if you are wrong?" she asked slowly and cautiously. "After all, how do I know you have not been deceived as well?" This he knew was true as since Jaegarjumi his panther friend had turned evil and cursed he no longer was as certain of his personal knowledge of ancient races then he had been beforehand. "Very well Corrine for your sake we will attempt to capture this yeti so that your fears can be faced and our different philosophies on this matter can be settled once and for all." She agreed, and the hunt was on!

Meanwhile, Alpa had no idea she was being hunted. In her ignorance of being the only one of her race who was not cursed she had traveled long and far at a terrifying pace.She was only active in the daytime and never at night. This was when most of her relatives were able to use their magic to avoid being captured, except for local legends of ape-like beasts being caught. This enabled her to stay safe but meant she was too young to know how to hide her trail. After a few days she noticed a faint scent growing slowly stronger as winds blew a blizzard from behind her into northern Alberta, near Edmonton. She constantly looked behind her but unfortunately even her race's strong eyesight was no match for the magic and ultraviolet vision of the Drow Ranger and a female human witch.

"She seems lost," Corrine told Jayariel in the silent Drow sign language he had taught her in the decades since Lloth had returned. "Also, is it not strange we have only encountered one yeti when you told me hundreds lived on our continent? Something must be terribly wrong for her to be running, almost as though she was trying to escape certain death." Jayariel thought on this for a little while. "Corrine you may be on to something. I lived for several years with Yetis in Asia and one of their legends was of a great Ice Demon that predated humanity on this realm. For thousands of years it terrorized the precursors to humans until the yeti banded together and used their magic to force it into what was thought to be an eternal tomb at one of the Poles. But maybe this severe cold weather this winter has been cold enough to awaken it. Either way, we should not treat her violently but with gentleness even as we capture her so she knows we mean her no harm. Unfortunately, many humans have lost their lives trying to capture her race and her cousins known as Sasquatch and so we need to stay wary."

Deciding upon a plan one night as the yeti slept in an abandoned mine near the Crowsnest Pass between British Columbia and Alberta, Jayariel and Corrine knew that no matter, what it was in their best interest to ensure that she was unhurt if at all possible. So, they would combine their own unique magical and innate abilities to safely bring her into their custody and get to the bottom of the incidents northward.

The next day as Alpa left the cave, Corrine used her time magic to subtly slow down the creature's heart rate so her mind would think she had not slept well the night before. Then Jayariel used his great speed and stealth to sneak up on her and used his innate ability to shroud her in Purple Drow fire.Most warmblooded beings have a natural fear of fire unless they are dragons or made out of fire, so it was natural she thought she was under attack As she tried to roll out the fake flames, Corrine combined her mastery of Time Magic with her enchanted duct tape, which for this mission had been turned into snow tape so as to be camouflaged. It began to slowly wrap around Alpa but so as not to cause her discomfort. Within half an hour she was recovered from her scare and Jayariel was translating for Corrine in case Alpa did not speak English.


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