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I know i am behind on my posts so now I am doing something that will put me further behind but must be done. I am going to put up a few posts about Shriekfest horror festival I attended this past weekend. Now these will not be snarky reviews and lamentations on "true horror" verses what these crazy kids watch these days. NO! I will be examining what I saw on the screen, along with what i shmoozed out of people during the breaks to comment on media and horror in the modern era. That scholarly enough for everyone!?!?! First let me say I enjoyed every film I saw. There are over 1000 entries submitted to this fest and to be int he final 40 means you are pretty dang good. Any criticism would be based on personal taste rather than technical accomplishments. Will be mentioning some films and not other because I was not able to view all the films. I had to go to work...stupid capitalism (!). Just for the record here are the films I got to see.

6:15- gonna comment a whole lot on this one

The Answer


Chateau Sauvignon: Terror - slightly biased in favor of this one since I love wine and hate tourists.


Choice Cuts

Alien Communications- this one cracked me up...intentionally that is.


The Stowaway

Peek-A-Boo - What is it about kids games that freaks out adults so much?

The Herd


The Peripheral

He Waits

The Blood of Love

And They Watched

Iris - Film is a good example of why I never use my PA apps on my phone



Landmine goes Click - lost in the intensity of this was how freaking good the acting was. Special kudos to the man playing the villain role. Dude with the dog that is. Evil sorta changes hands in this movie.

Granny of the Dead.

That is all i was able to get in. Sorry to those i missed but paying the bills comes first. Commentary on these will include pics and links so no worries. Posts coming later this week.


My other posts are coming as well. In the midst of Shriekfest stuff I will be look at historical psychos in movies and outsiders. Also my favorite gruesome deaths from the original Jonny Quest show.



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