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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
Tom Perkins

There are many great trilogies out there, some beyond our time and some only just recently. With one trilogy making the bravest predictions of what our world would be like today and it's safe to say, some of the predictions are coming true.

Back to the Future, the sci-fi classic starring Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd, rocked the box office by taking risks and raising the bar for many filmmakers. Granted, the trilogy has its plot holes but it's time travel and that is awesome, end of argument. In the sequel to the smash hit in 1985, Doc (Lloyd) and Marty (Fox) travel 30 years into the year 2015 to help save Marty's kids. They begin showing off a new and exciting prediction into the future, including hoverboards, space friendly pizza, electronic clothes and shoes, several Jaws sequels and of course the topic of today, a new design of the Pepsi bottle.

A lot of the product placement in this film is the best of it's kind with it's creativity but also sticking to the roots of the products itself. Although most of these predictions haven't come to be true, many companies today are still trying to honor the film and create these dreams come true. With the date that Marty and Doc travelled into the future just around the bend Pepsi recently announced their brand new design for their bottle and satisfyingly they have re-created the exact same design from the film.

Pepsi plan to release a limited stock of the new product in the US of A at a high price of $20.50. If you're a lover of nerdy stuff then this is an instant buy, but you better be quick about it as only 6,500 bottles plan to be released to the public

Enjoy my first quick article of the MPU program, but more importantly, what Back to the Future inventions would you like to see come true?


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