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I have these HUGE ideas about a destiny movie adaption and this is pretty lengthy so read at your own risk and lets carry on as well as feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Just as most games to movie or book to movie adaption there will be changes to be adapted to the big screen as well as fit audiences or to stay as true as it can be while keeping it real as possible or to just make the film work and obviously there is many other reason. Yes!, i know pretty much every video game movie adaption sucks but it also depends whats it about, the writer, director, budget and creativity etc...


On a take for a Destiny Movie in my opinion it shouldn't really have too much of a comedic side nor a Michael Bay type full of explosions and such. It should be a DARK and RICH STORY with maybe little funny parts here and there and have parts like flash backs or reference then showing a flashback of what happened of such showing how bad the darkness is and how discovery of the enemy came to be and the destruction of the cities and how all hope is lost, but the GUARDIANS are what hold the people together knowing they are safe in their hands and the militia.

As for an adaption the leader shouldn't be Atheon or Crota nor Oryx because I have no idea how that would work out and be defeated without looking stupid and just make it look bad in my opinion. I gave the title Destiny: The Queen's Wrath because the Queen Mara Sov and her guard gunslinging marksman brother Uldren Sov would work amazingly to be the leader as the way they look, act, talk are on point for the role. What i believe should be in the movies story is that she is the leader of the darkness which consumes our galaxy the Milky Way in the future of course.

She is the one who gives orders and controls who does what and she seeks to rule the solar system as she rules others already and earth is all thats left as she has taken over saturn, mars, moon, venus but since earth has the militia and Guardians who fight the darkness they withstand the darkness from consuming them. There should be this awesome scene where they need to go to this one building on the moon and the lights are out and they need to turn them on to access days snd its full of thralls and theres jump scares etc by the thrall in the darkness. (I cant really think of something for this part but everyone thinks in different ways so maybe you can get something and post it in comments) The guardians goal is to kill the queen as she controls the darkness but they seek planet to planet seeking information to where she is as to it is unknown.

Of course they cant find every enemy of the darkness especially with only 3 Guardians or more if its suggested, if so 6 should be max (raid team size) as its suitable. They believe that in defeating the queen the darkness will be thrown into the shadows as they have no leader and the darkness will believe to rise again sometime in the future. At the end after shes defeated and its all over a the character Cayde-6 should introduce another character by saying that the queen was a puppet and someones by the name of (Atheon, Crota, Oryx if someone finds a way to be able to defeat them by not making the action sequence look all bad and stupid) is pulling the strings. *boom screen goes black then movie ends*


Starting off with the Guardians and who plays them.

The Hunter should be played by Paul Rudd who has stared in Ant-Man and Anchorman. His acting skills for this part would be good to say maybe some funny things here and there but not a whole lot to not have a comedic movie or to much comedy in a serious movie.

The Titan should be played by Jamie Foxx who has taken the role as Django in the Quentin Tarantino film Django: Unchained respectively as he would be excellent for the role.

The warlock should be played by Alice Eve who played as Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and has a excellent tone as a female warlock as well as she does have good acting skills on a serious take.

Mara Sov the Queen should be played by Emilia Clarke who has taken the role as Daenerys Targaryen in The Game of Thrones and Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesys as the similarities of the face are on point and being an actor already it really shouldn't be hard to portray the queen unless anyone else has a better person where the similarities are better in looks and acting in a certain way.

Uldren Suv the Queens brother should be played by Troy Baker that played as pagan in Far Cry 4 and his voice was amazingly well done for that character.

The Ghost Should be voiced by Michael fassbender as his voice is amazing for this setting with a dark rich story it would really set a point with the ghost and the guardians, emotionally and the ghost can also hack and translate languages so finding information should be alot easier with this guy

Lord shaxx should be played by Tom Hardy as his role as Bane in The Dark Rises, as he was buff and his voice like in Lawless was perfect to suit up as lord shaxx

The speaker should be played by Paul Bettany as his role as The vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron was hood and really showed what he can do. His voice really matches the speakers character and the way he acts as vision in Avengers would be very good for the speaker as well

The Exo stranger should be played by Angelina Jolie as she has a voice and acting skills that suit this character very well and can hit the target when playing as a mysterious character

Cayde-6 should be played by Chris pine who also also has stared as Captain Kirk in Star trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and is very well at acting in stuff like this with space and aliens.


Enemies that should be in the film of each species. Starting off with fallen located on Earth.

In order to adapt to a film only these variants of the enemy type should be on film as to they are almost the size of humans and not be too big nor to much

As for the Hive that are located on the moon these variants also should be the only ones to appear on film as they are adaptable and not to much for the film to look stupid

These chosen vex that are located on venus , only these variants should also be the only ones to appear on film as they are adaptable

The cabal located on Mars are outrageously strong and nothing but military they are crazy and reckless when it comes to killing and even destroy planets

These enemies should be part of the queens elite guards as to looking special these can also be special

~How could this work?~

Well overall it depends on the director etc like I said before but with our technology and advancements in computer it can work with the use of special effects, props, battle damaged gear to look realistic etc. J.J. Abrams is a AMAZING director when it comes to stuff like this as he is Directing Star Wars: Episode 7 and has directed Star Trek (Reboot 2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and both film have received crazy good rating and hit the audience and critics very well. He is someone who can really make this work. Yes i know this is a very unusual cast for such movie and character. I would gladly pay to see this movie and since Destinys game is played by millions and has million of players and fans as well as hardcore fans it'll really make a good box office hit and as well will attract more people and children as its a film which almost everyone id assume like and love to watch. "Your move Bungie you can make huge amount of money out of this film adaption." Unless of course the people say no to an adaption then no don't but id love to see a live action film of this game that can be so much more and have a rich dark film that really shows what Destinys about. Having this film as a PG-13 can stay true to the action and sequences as well as fit a huge audience of people, practically everybody really.As for the Travelar it can pretty much be exactly the same story etc as the game because it really doesnt change the story or anything



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