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I was watching The Last Man on Earth and I couldn't help but starting thinking about what if the world ended. There are many different explanations and theories on how everyone feels the world will end. Before I continue let's name a couple.

  • Nuclear Winter from War
  • Radiation from Power Plant explosion.
  • Global Virus
  • Global Virus that caused zombies
  • Magical Curse that causes zombies
  • Black holes
  • Using up Earth's resources faster than it can replenish it
  • Volcanoes
  • Alien Invasion
  • Robot Uprising
  • Not with a bang but a whimper
  • Darkseid
  • Thanos
  • Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu
  • Earth Colliding into Earth 1610
  • C̶j̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶

Those are a few of them and if you have a favorite one I didn't include make sure to comment it below. Whatever the reason, we all hypothesize that this beginning has to end sometime. Still we always hope there will be some people who find some way to survive it all. Sometimes that doesn't happen and we end up with only one person alone in the world. Civilization has come to an end, and unless you're a woman and know how to inseminate yourself, there will be no one ever born again. That's a lot to handle. What do you do? Well I know what I'd do.

Disclaimer: This is assuming there's no radiation or anything I have to worry about and most of the animal population is unharmed.

1. Raid the Library

Socrates Paradox: The one thing I know is that I know nothing. I know very little about anything that's needed to survive without electricity. I'm not going to watch doomsday preppers because I prefer blissful ignorance. You don't know what you don't know until you learn it pretty much, so I'm going to the library and I'm finding as many books on things I might need to know as possible. To name a few books I'm definitely going to need to read:

  • Hunting and Farming for dummies
  • Wind Power and Hydroelectric Power for dummies
  • How to stop panic attacks
  • Home repair for dummies
  • How to filter water for dummies
  • Life Without the Internet
  • Recipes for dummies
  • How to cope with being the last man on earth.
  • Dog training for dummies

2. Have a Feast

I'm going to get as much groceries and meats as I can and cook it all up and eat until I can't move. This may seem silly but let's take into account that if there's no electricity that means all those grocery store meats are thawing out and slowly rotting. It's going to take me a while to prepare a reasonable lifestyle where I can get enough electricity to power a freezer and the best thing I can do is keep putting ice the freezer. Instead of keeping the authentic stuff that has a potentially short lifespan, with things like freezer burn, I'm going for precooked foods. Hungryman dinners, Stouffer's dinners, banquet sausages, all the stuff that no one really knows whether it has an expiration date or not. Also I'm preserving all the canned foods and freezing the cheeses. If I can I'm going to freeze the bread too, who the heck knows how to make bread.

3. Gather Resources

Next is the hard part. I'm going to get one of those 18 wheel trucks and go on a barn tour. I'm going to find as many barns as I can with cows and pigs and chickens and load them up on trucks. I'll bring as much feed as I can manage to feed them. Then we're going to California to find a barn on the water with huge amounts of land. I won't have to worry about fences since I won't have any neighbors so they're free to explore the lands. How hard can it be to find cows and chicken in the end of the world? Where are they going to go?

I'm going to need to protect my cattle from predators. That means I need to level up my gun skills. I'll pick up guns around the country and bring them back. I need to be able to shoot any wild animal that poses a threat which means I'll need to visit the gun range with moving targets. I'll also need to learn proper gun safety and how to make my own bullets for if I run out.

4. Fix Things Up

Is it really looting when I'm the only person left? Who am I supposed to pay? I wouldn't really pay too much attention to the TVs. I don't need seventeen TVs and TVs use a lot of power the bigger they are so I'll probably get a reasonably sized one. Maybe a 55 inch curved 4k TV. That's big and expensive enough that I won't feel like I'm not taking advantage of my situation but not so big that it seems ridiculous. Then I'm getting multiple copies of every single DVD, Blu Ray, Video Game and game system I can find. I'll obviously have a lot of free time if I'm all alone. I'd also be in California so I figure I can find all those unreleased movies and watch them too. I'm also going to have an awesome house.

I'm going to be living near a dam so I can maybe get hydroelectric power. Then I use that power to charge my electric car so I can go around pumping gas and putting it into big tankers. I'll get the gasoline just in case the hydro power acts up sometimes so I can have a back up generator. I'll have moved somewhere close enough to a wind farm to also get power from there.

5. Changing My Lifestyle

Being alone will drive you crazy. What won't drive you crazy is having a crap load of animals around the house. I raid the kennels and adoption places for the best and smartest dogs; then I read up on dog training so I can learn to train them all and then we all live happily together. Maybe I'll get a second house and put some cats in there. I'll have to stock up on pet food too. There's always that character traveling in the post apocalyptic landscape with their trusty companion like in Mad Max, I Am Legend and The Walking Dead I'll probably become completely nose blind to the smells in like a week.

Also. clothes are annoying. I'm wearing coveralls at all times, what am I getting nice looking clothes for? I have to do all kinds of chores and things just to survive; it'd be a waste of time to get things that are both hard to clean and constricting. If I don't have to look good for anyone I'm not bothering to wear nice clothes. . . or underwear.

6. Survive

In some cases you see the character who just can't handle living this life anymore. They end up trying to commit suicide or doing something crazy. That's not going to be me. They say idle hands are the devil's playground, so the key to surviving is staying busy. I'll have to learn how to farm and grow my food, how to hunt, how to fish. I have to feed the animals everyday and I can play with the dogs. DIY projects are going to be very key in my post-apocalyptic lifestyle. Maybe I'll finally make that model airplane I've been talking about. I like people (sometimes) but obviously I've survived that long for a reason. I'm not going to do something crazy and end up dying. The craziest things I'll do is teach myself to fly a plane and drive above the designated speed limit, though I'd probably hit a deer and flip my car 17 times.

It wasn't until today that I realized how much work goes into all the stuff we take for granted on a normal day. The fact that I can use the internet or flip a light switch and have it work are amazing feats in themselves. It'd be hard even with a group of people, so let's hope that there's not an apocalypse any time soon. If there is, hopefully my plan will work. How long do you think you'd survive being the last person on Earth?

What Would You Do as the Last Person Alive?
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