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Nathan Sawaya is no stranger to LEGO art. In fact, the incredible artist has had his work featured throughout the world, right down to exclusive Oscar statues that he built for this past year's awards ceremony. Now, his talents are on display again, with an 18-foot Batmobile that will debut live at Sydney at Australia’s Powerhouse Museum this November.

As part of a new exhibition, "The Art of Brick: DC Comics," Sawaya's incredible new Batmobile is a collaboration between the artist and iconic DC creator Jim Lee.

Jim Lee draws the LEGO Batmobile concept
Jim Lee draws the LEGO Batmobile concept
[Jim Lee] was so gracious to actually draw live at a panel at Comic Con for a design of a new Batmobile while we were taking suggestions from the audience. So that was how this all started. I used his drawing as a bit of a blueprint to come up with the actual Lego structure and then created this Batmobile brick by brick

The scale of the project isn't necessarily the biggest of all his creations, but for his part, Sawaya is perfectly enthusiastic about it. The artist geeked out for Entertainment Weekly:

I’ve made a bit of a career taking daunting projects out of Lego,” he admits. “I’ve done things like a dinosaur skeleton and stuff like that. But for me, this was a really exciting opportunity because it was taking this iconic vehicle and getting to interpret it myself. From a technical aspect and engineering aspect, sure, there were some daunting moments…the great thing about the project was Jim [Lee] is a very big car guy. He really knows cars and I really know Lego, and I thought that was a really good mix.

Still, Sawaya says that the Batmobile is something of a different experience in the face of his long list of projects. "In this case, I’m taking very well known characters or established characters and getting to reinterpret it myself. It’s an odd thing, in a way, because they know these characters very well."

The Batmobile, along with several of Sawaya's art pieces, will debut in November in Sydney.


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