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(WARNING - The following post may or may not contain spoilers for all 3 seasons of Sherlock. So, yeah. Tread carefully.)

Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty. A rivalry more famous than Batman and The Joker, and a relationship more complex than me and my ex-girlfriend. The world's only consulting detective, facing off against the world's first consulting criminal. Both these men are alike in many ways, and recently Moriarty was brought to life, albeit for not nearly as long as everyone had hoped, by Andrew Scott, and boy was he brilliant. And here's just some of the reasons why.

1. His cockiness

Now, anyone who's watched the show will tell you that Sherlock tends to be a bit full of himself, and revels in his own abilities. Moriarty takes that to a whole new level. Even when stealing the crown jewels, Moriarty seems to be almost bored by it, as if it isn't challenging enough for him, as if he regards his owns abilites to be much more effective and to be used in a much more demanding manner.

Which would, of cousrse, explain why he takes such an interest in Sherlock. He's the only person he can relate to, and who he feels is a worthy opponent. But he does like to play from the shadows...

2. Master of Disguise

One of the key things that stood out for me was Moriarty's ability to hide in plain site when he wanted to, and then completely dissapear. He would leave only a handful of cryptic messages, taunting texts and a few suicide bombers to keep Sherlock busy for a while. Like the time when he posed as a taxi driver..

Or Molly's boyfriend...

He even tried to force Sherlock into thinking that he was just an actor, and that the whole idea of Moriarty was fake, a trick. But yet, no matter where Sherlock goes, Moriarty is always there, as if he's some sort of omnipresent being. It's utterly terrifying, and one of the reasons why Moriarty is so gosh darn brilliant.

3. His quotes

Okay, so this is a bit more trivial, but some of the things Moriarty says are simply brilliant. The character was written brilliantly. He's cocky, sarcastic, brutally honest, and evil, but yet, we still love him.

There's an air of psychotic genius behind eveything he says, and he perfectly contradicts Sherlock. Watching a scene between the two characters is a feat in itslef, and once you're hooked, it just keeps reeling you in.


Moffat, what was this? Some kind of strange experiment to see how madly Tumblr would react?

Anyway, there you have it. My reasons why Moriarty is one of, if the not the best TV villain to date. And I know, this is my first article in a week or two, so....


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