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With the many superheroes and villains we've already seen in the MCU like Iron Man and Loki, there are many that just need to join them in this universe. Here are the ones that I think need to be in there the most.


First we have Magneto. With the existence of his children Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch it would only make sense that he joins them. Of course it would be difficult to introduce him since Mutants don't exist in this universe, but if they were to figure out a way that makes sense, I think Magneto could be one of the best characters and would fit in perfectly.

Dr. Doom

Next we have Dr. Doom! So far we've only seen Dr. Doom twice on the big screen and I think it's safe to say both times weren't that impressive. With Marvel's lineup of villains such as Ultron and Yellow Jacket, it's clear that Marvel knows what they are doing when it comes to portraying a certain character and I think Dr. Doom really needs that. Not to mention his origin is very simple. He loses his parents, studies magic and science, damages his perfect face, and then decides he wants to rule the world. Simple!

Yellow Jacket

Okay so I know what you're thinking, Yellow Jacket is already in the MCU. Well yes that's true but not this version. Here (for those who don't know) we have Scott Lang a.k.a. Ant-Man. After disagreeing with the Avengers about the way they handle things when it comes to fighting, Scott Lang the fakes his death and becomes Yellow Jacket. A great story and an amazing twist that I'm sure would please a lot of fans that enjoy the MCU movies. Not an Iron Man 3 twist but a twist that makes much more sense. Sorry Iron Man 3.


A fan favorite we all want to see Wolverine! Now don't get me wrong, Wolverine is an amazing character already in the Fox universe of superheroes but seeing him with just the X-Men all the time has become a bit boring. In the comics we see Wolverine with the Avengers and even Spider-Man from time to time. It only makes sense! With Hugh Jackman only doing one more Wolverine movie, it is going be hard to see him leave, Not to mention he's already stated that he wanted to do a crossover with the Avengers. I can only hope whoever takes his place wants to do the same!


An obvious choice is Deadpool. With the release of his new movie only a few months away, it may be a little too early for some people to wish he was in the MCU already, but again this is one of those characters that just makes so much sense! He's teamed up with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and has even fought Captain America! The merc with a mouth would fit in just about any universe if done right. With Fox only owning the rights to certain characters like X-Men and the Fantastic 4, it wouldn't be as cool to see him teaming with those groups as it would be if he teamed up with Spider-Man or the Hulk.

The Skrulls

An infamous group of aliens known as the Skrulls would make an amazing addition to the MCU for several reasons, one of them being their ability to shape shift into any superhero gaining not only their powers but their memories as well. Scary right? After Thanos I can see the Skrulls being the next big threat. Since they can shape shift, they could easily be in the MCU right now! (If they wrote it that way of course). Here is a great example:

In the picture above, on one side we have the real heroes and on the other we have the Skrulls. The great thing about this is that not even the reader knows who is who and which is which. Would this not be a great story for the MCU? Not knowing wheather or not your favorite hero is who he/she really who they say they are? The curiosity and suspense would no doubt make this one of the best superhero movies ever made.


Agree with my list? Who else do you think NEEDS to be in the MCU?

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