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Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't wait to take a fire Instagram post together.

It's hard to believe that the boys from Friday Night Lights are all grown up. You couldn't mistake these guys for high schoolers anymore... like, at all. In fact, there seems to be a new potential Dillon (or East Dillon) recruit in Scott Porter's young son (pictured below). Porter of course played Jason Street, the star quarterback who was paralyzed in the pilot episode.

Here's a mini-FNL reunion complete with a photo of Porter with fellow cast mates Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty) and Gaius Charles (Brian 'Smash' Williams). I am digging the beard on Matt!

Check the photo out below:

"Good friends...livin' large in Texas"...and babies. #TexasForever @MattLauria @GaiusCharles

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Texas Forever™. Also, gtg, I'm about to listen to 'Explosions in the Sky' for the rest of the day and think about high school football stadiums!

This Emmy trailer pretty much fully encapsulates the awesomeness of this show:

(Via: Friday Night Lights Facebook page)


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