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I love movies. Ever since I was a young teen I've been fascinated with the world of cinema. So you can imagine how big of a night it is for me when it's the Oscars. There, we get to showcase and award some of the greatest pieces of film Hollywood has given us this year. So while we wait for that magical night, why not pass the time by predicting which movies will get nominated. And it doesn't get any bigger than the Best Picture of the year. So without further do, here are the (predicted) nominees, for Best Picture:

Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender is a powerhouse actor, he is probably one of the best actors for the job (pun intended). Already reviews for this movie are up, praising it for being not only a intense film that keeps your attention, but also does a good job representing the man himself. While I can't speak much of it not having seen it yet, this is most definitely a worthy contender.

The Hateful Eight

Who are we kidding, it's Tarantino for God's sake. The man is NO stranger to Oscar wins and nominations. This looks to be no exception. A great cast, an interesting and unique story, and as always, I feel we're in for a real treat. Gonna be a tough one to beat.

The Revenant

This movie really looks like it could be one of Leo's best works. Everything is set up for this movie to get nominated. The leading men Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the Oscar winning director and writer Alejandro González Iñárritu, the story of survival and betrayal. Not to mention the cinematography looked amazing in the trailer. This looks like a fierce competitor.

Straight Outta Compton

To some this may seem the least likely to get nominated and win, but this is more than just a movie about a rap group. It's the story of young men who found their success through all the hate and hard times they went through. They rose to the top and changed their industry forever really. Very few biopics have managed to make it to such a high level of heart, and this one has me sold.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Holy hell, this movie had so much action in it, it made Michael Bay blush. Not to mention a compelling story to boot. It was already voted best film of the year by International film critics, so that already is a good sign. I very well expect to see this on the real list.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Any person who says Kristen Stewart can't act, must watch this film! This movie's trio gives us powerful and memorable performance's so I wouldn't be surprised to see this one get nominated. It shows such intelligence and depth it's hard not to love this movie.

Ex Machina

A truly unique and compelling film, these traits only show up every so often. It leans so heavily on certain ideas and is truly thought provoking, while boosting amazing performances from the 3 main characters. Not to mention the CGI and effects looked spectacular. I would be surprised if this didn't get nominated.


While it may not seem like much, with Spotlight there is more than meets the eye. It seems to be touching in on so many subjects, dealing with religious, legal, and personal drama. I feel while most won't be attracted to it, it shows a unique premise with a talented cast. I expect great things from this film.

So we've reached the end of our list ladies and gentleman. This year so far has been exciting and there is still more to come. So without further ado.
The (predicted) Oscar goes to:

Mad Max: Fury Road

Yep, oh what a day, what a lovely day it will be for the Mad Max crew when they win on Oscar night.



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