ByKevin Sampong, writer at

The superhero genre is a diverse one no doubt but it should still be respected as what it is.....THE SUPERHERO GENRE!!....and it is this diversity that will make it stand the test of time !! The superhero genre is not the western one and as long as I got caped crusaders and vigilantes with serious personal issues and even more bizarre abilities ranging from Kickass to Spiderman its not comedy or romance its superhero!!!!!! The MCU started in 2008 but Superhero movies begun way back in the 90s ....remember those batman movies or those swampthing and captain marvel movies or even something more recent like that daredevil movie you see if you look at it critically superhero movies have been there for quite a bit and have persisted till their recent boom something that comic fans from all over the world have anxiously awaited!!!! Superheroes are here to stay for at least two to three maybe even four decades because the fact is Barry Allen Fans have waited far too long to see "The Flash" and won't let it go so easily!!! People who originally got turned off by the capes and tights are now giving it a chance and even if they won't pick up a comic to read they will still wait anxiously for that next episode of "Arrow" or that 2017 marvel movie or even that TMNT movie coming out in 2016 and eventually they will discover that special thing that makes superheroes superheroes and once they do they will never let go!!! so yes the superhero genre can survive on its own, not as in the comic genre but the superhero genre because in the end face it be it Antman , Batman , The transformers or the teenage mutant ninja turtles they are still one genre....THE SUPERHERO GENRE!!!!




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