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Dinner parties are sometimes seen as an overzealous attempt to impress your friends and colleagues with either your collection of acquaintances or possibly even your knowledge of proper etiquette and culinary prowess. A good dinner party can be something that you either dread attending because of the pomp and circumstance surrounding it, or maybe you're genuinely looking forward to attending because of the theme or motif.

Every party planner will tell you that to get the desired outcome, you want to make sure that you focus on 3 key elements and you'll have a successful dinner party.

  • 1. Have an overarching theme, and make sure that whatever elements you're including that they are all cohesive.
  • 2. Don't skimp. You're trying to bring your guests into an experience, you want them to leave with something memorable that they'll talk about for years.
  • 3. Choose your guests wisely, especially if you're planning a themed party. If you're throwing a rocking bash that's all dancing and high energy, you probably don't want to invite the crazy cat lady from down the street. (No offense to anyone reading this who may be one, know one or are related to one of those crazy cat ladies).

So with these three concepts firmly in mind, I would like your undivided attention as I present to you, my perfect dinner party.

The theme is obviously a murder mystery dinner. These kind of dinner parties are special, and can be difficult to pull off, yet they can also be some of the most fun parties to throw because rather than just making meaningless conversations with an odd collection of invitees, you can bring them into a story bigger than themselves which gives your party some more cohesion as everyone is vying to discover the truth.

With a murder mystery, the goal is to create an event, and the best way to do that is to include a collection of characters for whom your guests can interact with who are all portraying very specific characters. This is where the don't skimp concept comes into full swing. You want to build on the theme and make sure the ambiance is matched to a tee with the supporting cast of actors. Among the actors hired, one would be the culprit of the murder and the 5 guests below are tasked with discovering the truth.

With the theme settled on and the team of actors arranged, let's meet our guests. Honestly narrowing this list down to only five guests was as difficult a task as I've ever had, but here are the five that I would need to have at my murder mystery party.

Sherlock Holmes

As portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller
As portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller

He's basically a given when it comes to being a necessary guest to any mystery, regardless of having a murder attached. He is without comparison when it comes to a detective that uses his abilities to solve every case that comes within his grasp. He may live a bohemian lifestyle, but his methods for solving mysteries often outweighs his eccentricities.

Some of Sherlock's primary attributes are as follows:

  • Deductive reasoning
  • Disguises
  • Fighting skills
  • Knowledge of a variety of topics from literature to geology.

Veronica Mars

Kristin Bell
Kristin Bell

She is probably a less well-known detective in comparison to some other guests at this party, but don't let that fool you because she is one of the brightest and youngest stars in the detective world. Veronica started working as a detective alongside her father, a private investigator, at the age of 17. Her experiences at such a young age caused her to become rather cynical of the world and how the 'powers that be' manage to twist words and arms in order to remain in power.

Veronica has several attributes some of which are:

  • Quick thinking (often out of the box)
  • Preternaturally cocky and confident
  • Sometimes too clever for her own good
  • Always seeking to learn and improve her own detective abilities.

Shawn Spencer

James Roday
James Roday

The pseudo-psychic detective of Santa Barbara is a necessity when it comes to a murder mystery dinner party. His levity and childish antics would add quite a great deal of lightness to the party as everyone would either find him annoying or at the very least slightly amusing. Regardless of his false claim of being a psychic, Shawn is a staple in the detective world and has proven time and time again that his abilities are on par with any other detective or even villain.

Shawn's attributes include:

  • Child at heart
  • Nearly photographic memory
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Heightened awareness allowing for acute observations


Born as Walter Joseph Kovacs, he became disillusioned at a young age by the apparent apathy that he discovered in most people. He chose to take up the mantle of the vigilante Rorschach. He is an antihero who believes in moral absolutism and will stop at nothing in regards to discovering truth and uncovering the villains of the world.

Rorschach has many abilities and attributes, such as:

  • Strength of will
  • Resourceful and can adapt to nearly anything around him
  • Stoic and nearly indifferent to pain or discomfort
  • Tactically brilliant and unpredictable


Last, but certainly not least is one of the greatest detectives known to the comic world. The Dark Knight, Batman should be an unquestioned addition to this murder mystery. His ability to unravel mysteries is nearly unrivaled, except through the other 4 guests of the dinner party.

Batman has a long list of attributes, some of which are:

  • Genius level intellect
  • Peak human conditioning
  • A known polymath (having expert level understanding of nearly every discipline known to man
  • inexhaustible wealth and advanced technology


Who would solve it first?


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