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Not to hate on Taylor Swift, mainly because I find Taylor Swift delightful, but I could never imagine myself hanging out with her posse. With all those tall, gorgeous, long-legged models, I would stick out like a sore, bloated thumb. Luckily for me and my short legs, there's a new, hilarious squad in town taking the world by storm.

So who could possibly be the gang of friends to overthrow Taylor Swift's gorgeous gang? The ever-expanding Schumer-Lawrence squad might just give them a run for their money.

We already know that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have recently become best friends. With the dynamic duo working together on a new movie where they play sisters, the two have been hanging out and writing constantly, and this weekend was no exception. Of course, Schumer's real-life sister and writing partner, Kim Caramele, came along for the ride.

With Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer on the Oddball Comedy Tour, it must be hard to work together, right? Wrong. Ansari and Schumer, instead decided to bring everyone along for a leg of the tour.

If that group of people didn't already pique your interest, maybe throwing the lovable former Parks and Rec. costar of Ansari and JLaw's current Passengers costar, Chris Pratt, into the mix will do the trick.

Over the weekend, these five friends got together for what appeared to be the most epic sleepover since Sandy first hung out with the Pink Ladies in Grease.

They woke each other up bright and early to write

Amy, Jen, and Aziz, please be my alarm clocks.

They took a stroll together

Turgeon-Rocke / Splash News
Turgeon-Rocke / Splash News

With this squad's tiny mascot in tow, this team is making sure we know that personal health and fitness is a priority.

They drank wine on a swing in slow motion

Arguably the best way to drink wine.

They even made a short film together titled Hi Guys

It stars Pratt and Ansari and credits Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Shumer as Director and Director of Photography, respectively, and watching this almost made me explode with jealousy.

Thus far, my application for friendship to the group has gone unanswered.

(Source: Instagram / Aziz Ansari and Amy Shumer, People)


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