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Fellow MoviePilot creator Rosalyn challenged me to my five day movie challenge all rolled in to one! I adore movies and I like to think I can conjure up an answer to each question quite quickly. I have a number 1 favorite everything whether it's music artists, place to eat or in this case: movies. Here we go!

A Movie That Made Me Cry

"I'm listening"
"I'm listening"

(OBVIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD).... Okay. if you're still reading you have seen I Am Legend (Which I thought most people have..) and you very well know what scene I am talking about. This was my first and only movie I saw in the cinema on my own and I was only a young boy at the age of 14. My friends decided to see the less desirable Golden Compass which was the other option at the time instead of the post-apocalyptic horror.

I was kind of spooked by the movie, but I didn't leave the theater! I stayed strong and my emotions were running wild. The scene were poor Sam had to die is vividly one of the saddest movie experiences I've ever had. Whenever anybody asks me what movie's I've cried at it's the first I think of so there you go.

Motivational Movie

"Slappin' da bass"
"Slappin' da bass"

This may strike as a strange choice, but I have reasoning! I Love You, Man is one of my top favorite comedies ever and I've seen it countless times. Paul Rudd remains my favorite comedy actor ever since this bro-com. The reason I put it down for my motivational movie is because everytime I watch it, it puts me in a tremendous mood! I laugh so much that it just makes me really happy! If you haven't seen this movie, get on that now!

Awkward Family Movie

Darragh's life tip #1: Do not under any circumstance ever ever ever, watch Bruno with your parents. It was a mistake I will never live down. Of course I left the room after like a half hour, but that half hour was desperately awkward. Only those who've seen the movie will be able to back me up on this one..

A Movie I've Watched Over and Over

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a movie I've legitimately watched over 60/70 times. It has the three funniest men in comedy: Steve Carell, Will Ferrell and of course, for the second time on this list, Paul Rudd! The movie still makes me cry with laughter and I will continue to watch it til I turn grey and I will tell kids of the future that that this IS the funniest movie ever made. (Along with Naked Gun!)

A Movie To Pass on To My Kids

There's a lot of things I love and Lego, Chris Pratt and Batman are part of those things. For me this is the funniest animation around and what better film to pass on to my kids other than one with laughter and glorious Lego. By the time they see it, Chris Pratt will have taken over the world fully and I'm ready for that. But until then, I'll keep this by the side to show my super cool future kids.

So that's my 5 day movie challenge all rolled in one! I had a lot of fun doing it! Be sure to comment your answers so we can chat!


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