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So far, Jerome (From "Gotham") have capture the audience's attention

So wild! But here's my thoughts about him about him maybe-or-not maybe

being the future joker, just to let you guys know, this is just my thoughts.

1st of all, ever since the episode (The blind fortune teller) have came out

since February 16th, i watch the whole thing. And the way i though about

Jerome, he's got the good performance. Like the laughs he have,

The curl act he's having-&-all the scenes reflect to Heath Ledger's Joker

parts, they gotta gets into me. I heard the rumors about him not being the joker, Well here's my thing, i like seeing Jerome being the new generation of the joker. Like for a example, since 1989's batman movie came out, they name a guy

that Jack Nicholson play: Jack Napier. Anything can happen that we all

can change the joker's character. The joker's been my favorite bat-villain

since i was 6-years-old, and i just love his laughs.

What do i think about Jerome? Well, i think he can make an awesome

future joker. Here's why: (1) Even though that the people said it's too

early to have the new future joker, i don't think it's not early

to have one. (2) His laughs remind me of jack Nicholson's joker laughs-&

Heath Ledger's joker laughs. And last but not least, the scenes

of Jerome in "knock, knock" & the dark knight when heath play the joker

looks the same! I like that. Even though that "Jack Napier" is a great

character is a hit to the batman movies, Jerome is just the beginning.

But for my question/thought. In the future, will Jerome fell into

the tank of acid & get his skin bleach-or-will he get the scars

& do the make-up? If so, i'm taking as a yes for him being

the new joker!!!!!!! Jerome rocks!!!!

Tonight is all new episode of Gotham playing: The last laugh.

Let's see what happens. Thank you very much.


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