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The Josh Trank directed Fantastic Four reboot is already considered one of the worst comic book films of all time to most comic fans. But, I am one of the very few people who looked forward to this film going into it and was not as disappointed as others were afterwards.

Could it have been better? Absolutely, but is it the worst comic book film of all time? I think Elektra and Catwoman would beg to differ.

That being said, viewers that went into this film with an open mind can't help but notice the amount of potential the film had. I mean, It didn't truly have much of a chance to be successful, it was universally hated before it was even released. But with a few tweaks, I thought it could of been a decent start to a new universe with more upside than the Tim Story directed film of 2005.

Furthermore here are my legitimate reasons why Fox should give this franchise one more chance.

1. Origins are usually messy

Before Peyton Reed's Ant Man when was the last time a director knocked an origin story out of the park?

Way back in July of 2011 we were introduced to a film adaptation of one of Marvel's most beloved characters. Mr. USA himself, Captain America. Fantastic film (no pun intended) but it is a little overshadowed by its universally loved sequel. And Iron Man is considered Marvel's best origin story by far. That was way back in 2008.

Here is a better question - why are studios beginning to bypass origin stories?

It's because they're freaking tough. Just ask Ang Lee or Louis Leterrier.

Insert Josh Trank a young, vibrant, experimental director willing to try to put a modern twist on one of Marvel's oldest franchises.

Under the harsh lights of Fox's producers, he fails because of creative differences.

How was this even a surprise to anyone? Origins suck. Fox isn't the greatest and Josh may be a little too opposing to criticism. That shouldn't mean let's throw it all away. These are all fixable and adjustable problems that are typical for films of this magnitude. Joss Whedon had creative differences with Marvel on Age of Ultron, nobody's suggesting we cancel Infinity War. You find out what was done wrong and you fix it.

2. Changes can be made

Okay, lets say maybe Josh Trank sent out that tweet to cover his own butt. The studio trusted him, he took the film too lightly and tanked it. As Fox I'd want to give it another go with a more experienced director. One whose good with handling personalities and good with making standalone scifi films (I'm looking your way Neil Blomkamp).

This change with some other minor tweaks mostly saves this franchise and brings it hope. And I say minor because...

3. The cast was just fine

Individually, each one of these actors, and actress are headed into the respective prime of their careers. But together they seemed to be lacking charisma and chemistry. Despite Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan's time working together on other films their relationship wasn't very delved into. Teller and Jamie Bell's relationship felt fresh but the other connections felt forced.

This is because of a combination of bad writing and the actors not feeling comfortable while filming. It was even rumored that director Josh Trank never wanted Kate Mara to be cast as the Invisible Woman with rumors of them clashing on set.

And no one even mentions how Michael B Jordan must have felt through all of this. Imagine being being attacked by fans for being a more superior actor than the others that tried out for the part of Johnny Storm. Yes, I understand authenticity is important for us comic book fans. But innovation and creativity should be just as important. Especially when the actor is as talented as Jordan is.

With all that being said this cast off screen has a great amount of chemistry. They just need the right direction to bring that on screen.


Marvel has a christmas stocking full of characters some already in creation. There's arguably no space in the MCU for F4 at this point. Rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise for a third time (don't forget the 94' original) would likely harm Marvel more than help considering this film would be fresh on fans' minds. If it were still the beginning of the MCU they'd fit perfectly but since it is already established it makes no sense for Marvel to stuff them in now. It's best they stay in separate universes.

5. A sequel is already planned

I know some of you are reading this article thinking: "Dude, face it, the movie sucked, there's no chance there is a sequel. Its gonna go back to Marvel".

Well since it's worldwide release F4 is only about 10 million dollars under budget. I know that's a lot but, there have been sequels made for films that have suffered far worse financially.

As far as Fox is concerned a sequel is still in the plans. This film was not done correctly but deep within Dr. Dooms green freckles is a Fantastic Four film with this cast that is awesome. This time maybe it'll have some fan support and will hopefully give Dr. Doom a much needed makeover.

If it's even halfway better than the first film, we can watch Fox make the best come back in comic book film history.


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