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Kristin Lai

We've already been lucky enough to get a real-life taste of the alternate future imagined by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale from their iconic movie, Back to the Future Part II, with a limited release of Pepsi Perfect.

As a fan of the classic film, I really can't ask for much more (aside from a hoverboard and rehydrated pizza). But later today, Universal Studios upped the futuristic ante further by releasing a trailer for Jaws 19.

You might remember an advertisement for the film making a standout appearance in the 1989 film.

To find out what Max Spielberg's movie is all about (and what happened in Jaws 5-18), check out the hilarious trailer for Jaws 19.

With the promise of romantic Jaws, robo-Jaws, outer space Jaws, then a prequel, then a sequel to the prequel, Russian Jaws, and Jaws 17 Fifty Scales of Grey, I could see nothing but massive profits from all of these sequels.

Let's just drink some Pepsi Perfect, pop in a dehydrated pizza and have a Jaws movie marathon. Who wants to join me?


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