ByEnzo Sauber, writer at

Despite Eleanor Treemer hating on the film, and trying to convince other people to do the same, I actually liked it A LOT. I like it because it fixed the problems of the manga and the anime. YES, even if Eleanor Treemer seems to think that the anime is a lot, lot better, story wise it has a lot of loopholes. Even the author of the original manga said that he felt he just got lucky with the manga, and he knows that his work has flaws. Examples of the flaws that he admits is the fact that he doesn't empathize with the character of Eren. He just got stuck with it because you need to have stereotype characters for a shonen manga. Even the fan favorite Mikasa is a static character. She was just put there to get an audience who likes both bad ass moves, but who also likes good looking women manga characters. So, yes, the film fixed those problems. What the likes of Eleanor Treemer seem to forget is that the movie wasn't originally intended for an international audience. So, yeah you haters (like you Treemer), you think you own the manga or anime, but you don't.


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