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DC is taking a huge leap forward next year as they're set to release films that will introduce a brand-new, and more serious look at many iconic characters that have shaped the childhoods of many fans. They're not only bringing the idea of the Justice League together with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but are also going more in-depth with other parts of the cinematic universe with [Suicide Squad](tag:2283363), which will be showing a dark side to the on-screen, superhero universe. A lot of superhero DC hype is of course going to the films coming out in 2016, but will this take away any hype from the upcoming DC shows, and will it affect the popularity of the excellent shows that are out now?

Where will the shows go now?

[Gotham](tag:1127075) just recently came out with a brand new season, [The Flash](tag:1068303) season 2 premiere airs tonight, and [Arrow](tag:720988) is soon to release another season 4 featuring an iconic villain. The upcoming DC films won't pose much of a threat to "Gotham" since it only revolves around the time Bruce Wayne was a child and Jim Gordon is at the height of his detective career.

With a numerous amount of well-known villains, Gotham doesn't feature many characters on the superhero side; well...there's Bruce, but he's just 'Bruce', he hasn't become the "Bat" just yet and Gotham won't be showing that any time soon. The new DC Cinematic Universe will have their own 'Jim Gordon' and their own young Bruce, but since they won't go as in depth with these characters as 'Gotham' does, the show will be around for a while and, maybe in the future, will become a bigger success.

Arrow (hopefully he becomes Green Arrow) has become a huge success for the CW, and is of course featuring the emerald archer 'Green Arrow'. Other than his costume, he hasn't become 'Green' just yet. Their have been many doubts and high expectations for season four, where the notorious 'Damien Darhk' will finally make his debut on-screen after being mentioned in the third season. Along with a new protagonist, Arrow is getting ready to introduce a phenomenal new look for many of the essential characters that make up the show. Will this season be more astounding than any other?

With DC working to unify the Justice League cinematically, they'll need their very own 'Green Arrow' for the big screen. This will most definitely create a competition with CW's Arrow. They haven't cast the new 'Oliver Queen' yet, but if they do it the right way, the tides can tremendously turn for Stephen Amell.

Another CW success, The Flash has been a show fans cannot stop talking about! With the season two premiere airing this week, The Flash is taking it all the way by introducing the possibility of parallel universes. With Jay Garrick appearing in the trailer, one would wonder what could possibly happen in this season!

When it was announced that Ezra Miller was cast as DC's new Flash for the cinematic universe, fans began to completely hate the idea and wanted DC to find any possible way to bring Grant Gustin (the current Flash) to the big screen. Later on, some fans soon accepted the idea of Ezra being the new Flash; it hasn't been all hate for the young actor, and the idea became even more popular when fans tried photoshopping the Flash costume on to him, just to see how it would come out. Fans will always pick their sides and we'll really see who's faster in the next few years!

What happens next?

Next year marks the beginning when DC finally makes their attempt to bring iconic characters to the big screen in the most jaw-dropping way possible. The existing DC shows will still be their, but will they stay as popular after the DC Cinematic Universe introduces its own take on these characters on the big screen? DC films have a lot more money to work with so they could put out a much more higher quality product, but the plot, acting, and how these icons make their debut could also affect this.

Can upcoming DC films affect the success of the DC shows that are out now? Comment down below!


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