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Daredevil TV show shows us the hero’s journey of Daredevil, a marvel comic book character that is blind and learns how to use that as an advantage to take down crime and by day he is lawyer who brings justice to the weak and innocents.


First off, I really like the amount of how dark it is. The fact that it’s not too dark like the batman v superman trailer made this show really good.

The character development is also amazing. Throughout the show we get to see how bad ass all the villains are except for kingpin and daredevil himself. They use flashbacks with almost all their characters to show how they became like who they are. Generally each character gets an episode focused on them giving more depth to the character. I really liked the relationship between the main three protagonists in the show; they really made us the audience care for each character and made us not biased to one side when they were in an argument. Plus the two supporting characters still contributed to taking down the main villain.

As a fan of dc, I can admit myself that this show is way better than arrow. The reason why is because daredevil maintains its realism throughout the series while arrow just becomes way too cheesy. For example in arrow there was a scene where there was an army of people with guns versus a mob of people with bats and obviously the stupid people with their guns decide to slam the enemies with their guns instead of shooting them. But daredevil does sometimes fall into some clichés.

Charlie Cox did amazing as acting as daredevil. He was able to amaze us with his fantastic fighting style. The choreography was amazing and the way how the camera moved with daredevil was great. The camera angles were not mindblowing but they were able to show us some awesome scenes. The main reason I like the camera angles the they used is because it refrained from using shaky cam. Shaky can just ruins the excitement; it pretty tells us the viewers that the actors are in capable at pulling of good fight scenes.

One of my favorite episodes is Stick. The reason why I like this episode so much is because this episode we get introduced to Stick the trainer to Matt Murdock. He is definitely my favorite character in the show and he only showed up for one episode. I think they are saving his character more for the second season. It’s really interesting how he how teaches him that being blind is a gift we should take advantage of it. I like how they keep it a mystery how Sticks will not show that he cares for him. We have seen this relationship in many other movies too like kill bill between the bride and Pai Mei


But the show does have some negatives like the daredevil costume, the daredevil is pretty bad. If you have ever seen daredevil in his comics, his eyes are always flaming red like a devils eye. The color design is not so great either, I just really hate how it looks but I won’t say how it looks like because it kind of a spoiler in some ways.

The show does get bit boring at times where you just want to take out your phone and check your Facebook feed, for an example we do not see so much action and the dialogue is pretty cliché and you will be able to guess what happens. But do not worry its at least not as cheesy as Arrow.

I also think that the actor who played Daredevil wasn’t that good at acting as a blind man. But also it’s a really hard role to pull off and he didn’t do terrible. He did amazing when he was acting as Daredevil but when it came to him acting blind when being Matt Murdock it didn't convince me.

Furthermore the kingpin didn’t do that great, he supposed to be menacing but in the show they make him out to look like an innocent baby boy. We should be shown how crazy and demented the kid is. SPOILER ALERT the scene where the kingpin kills his father when he was a child didn’t make him seem psychotic but more of a hero because he saved his mom, but it made him seem a bit psycho when he kept beating him but if you think about it, that’s exactly what daredevil did in the beginning. He also kept whispering which made him not frightening at all. I liked the way he was portrayed by everyone in the show, like how people say that they cannot say his name; it’s like the Voldemort effect. But when you do see him it’s like is that really him. Although he didn't play that good of a Kingpin he did play a good character with a lot of depth.

Another downside to this show is that the finally was just so cliché and it didn’t seem grand. I don’t want to talk more about it because it would be a spoiler but it was just such a weak ending to a great show.


But at the end guys this show defiantly makes up for the daredevil movie and the show is great in general. It’s not any unique story that we haven't seen before but they way how they tell the story is very interesting, so I am give this show an A-.


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