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Autumn has arrived, and with it a brand new season of anime. Old favorites are returning and new interesting shows are being released. Here is a quick list of shows you may want to look out for this season.

Haikyū !! 2

Haikyu is an extremely excellent sports anime about Karasu High's male volleyball team. The Crows are back for a second season and begin their fight to make it to Nationals for spring. Many powerful teams stand in their way, but with most of the team comprised of third years who are on their last chance to go to Nationals, they have even more determination to win.

After watching a pretty impressive first season, and an even more impressive first episode for this season, I will definitely be following this show religiously. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen the first season to check it out. No news as of yet about whether Season 1 will be dubbed or not, though.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I watched the first episode of Chivalry of a Failed Knight and the animation is gorgeous. Normally art of this magnitude would be found in a light novel based show like No Game No Life or DanMachi. I don't think that's a rule of thumb, I've just noticed light novel based shows have higher quality artwork than manga shows. I believe it's because light novel animes are less focused on extended fights than something like Naruto or Bleach that has a lot of drawn out fight scenes. I can't quite rave enough about this art; maybe it won't be as special to some people but I thought it was amazing. It felt like I was seeing an anime in ultra HD for the first time ever.

The story is pretty straightforward shonen; if you try harder than everyone else then you'll succeed. If someone is working for 10 hours, you have to work 11 if you want to win. It's a nice replacement for Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple which sadly doesn't seem to be releasing any more episodes. This is definitely a show you should check out.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken

Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon feels very remniscient of currently dubbed Black Bullet with a story like Soul Eater. If you're currently anti-subs you should definitely check out Black Bullet. The characters feel very similar and it also has a comedic feel to it but can quickly change gears to be more emotional which can get kind of hard to enjoy. It's how I imagine a dog must feel if it's in the car, ready to go to the park, it can see the park there in the distance and then suddenly the car turns going towards the vet. Still the animation isn't as vibrant which is an enjoyable change from some of the flashier bubblegum anime out there, but not completely muted.

The story is about a platoon of "Inquisitors" who are the worst of the worst, but when they get a new teammate, who is in a completely different league, they work harder to overcome their weaknesses. Thus comedy shines through their comical failing of basic missions while somehow finding ways to get the job done anyway. Their mission is to become top Inquisitors, whose job it is to neutralize any deemed magical threat.

Subete Ga F Ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

This is one of the first shows I've seen that had a live action TV show before it had an anime. I was waiting for a show this season that wasn't rooted in humor and was more muted color like Monster, Death Parade or Another. I realize that in that list, and in general, this style is usually attributed with an air of mystery or horror, but mostly Mystery, so it should be no surprise that The Perfect Insider is also a mystery based anime.

I can't say the first episode made an extremely lasting impression on me. This isn't a show you should watch if you can't handle exposition and are not patient. The main reason I added this is, despite not being hugely impressed with the show overall, is that I did find myself fascinated by the thought process of the main character Sohei. One thing he basically asks is if he is the same person today as he was yesterday or if he is just a machine loading up the memories of "Sohei" and trying to play that role. It's something I've questioned myself many times but have never been able to verbalize. It also reminded me of this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal below. I am interested in finding out the mystery of the show which hasn't really been revealed yet from what I saw of it. Still, I am curious what the deal is with the female main character Dr. Magata; just not curious enough to read ahead.

src- Zach Weinersmith?
src- Zach Weinersmith?

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a really fun superhero parody. It follows our hero One Punch Man, an absurdly strong man who has trained himself so much he lost his hair. He is now on a mission to keep the Earth safe while also finding an opponent he can battle without killing them in one punch.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Tired of waiting for Season 2 of Attack on Titan? Seriously though, it's been two years, what are you waiting for? Well, why not use Seraph of the End to hold you over? I make the comparison but beyond the main character having an Uber Focus "kill them all" personality, using willpower to overcome weaknesses and possibly being German inspired, they aren't really anything alike. It's more like Blue Exorcist. Still it is a nice action anime to enjoy with an interesting and original mythos of its own. Bear in mind that Battle in Nagoya is Seraph's second season. Season 1 also has a pretty cool opening song. Check out the cover for it below.

There are a lot of great anime this season I didn't include. For a comprehensive list of all anime debuting of returning this season you can click here and also see when the next episode is being released.


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