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As many of you know, Warners' music company has tragically lost its copyright lock on HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU – after intimidating people for decades, and bilking filmmakers out of millions for the use of the song on soundtracks. Since the venerable little ditty is now back in the Public Domain, safely out of their diabolical clutches, it's time to celebrate – while we contemplate the many class action lawsuits they will so richly deserve.

I recommend that we orchestrate a worldwide social media campaign to wish Warners the ultimate many happy returns in 2017, a milestone anniversary of Warner/Chappell's founding. Here's an idea for a great YouTube video, sure to go viral: mash up film clips of all available instances of Happy Birthday ever committed to celluloid. Let's call it THE WARNERS MEMORIAL SPECIAL DELUXE 30th ANNIVERSARY EXTENDED DIRECTORS CUT COLLECTORS EDITION.

We should also get all our favorite rock stars to sing Warners the ultimate many happy returns in a We Are The World type of tribute. And maybe we could also get 365 unknown aspiring YouTube stars to post recordings of themselves singing Warners' former property – one for each day of 2017. I'm not sure how well "Happy Birthday Dear Craven Money Grubbing Corporate Sleazebag Greed Head Swindlers" will work in the last line, but I'd be happy to give it a shot.

Meanwhile let's all enjoy Fleetwood Mac's deeply moving birthday tribute to the beleaguered company – sadly minus a toe-tapping version of the beloved song, for some strange but highly appropriate reason. Everybody sing along anyway!


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