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This week, us superhero nerds have our favorite TV shows coming back on the CW: [The Flash](tag:1068303) and [Arrow](tag:720988). They are both great shows and have crossed over to create a DC TV universe (DCTVU). The question is, which will be the better season?

The Flash is going on to its second season. Its first season was a major hit and coming off the first season, it should really raise the popularity from Season 1, which had a large fanbase as soon as the pilot aired. The first episode of Season 2 was great! As for Arrow, it's a different situation. Going on to its fourth season, the show has its fanbase set, but a lot of fans have stopped watching the show because they didn't like Season 3. Season 3 was the weakest season of Arrow so far, and going up against the amazing first season of The Flash highlighted this.

Season 1 of Arrow was great, and Season 2 was even better, but Season 3 did not live up to the first two. Because of the success of The Flash, Arrow Season 4 is moving into a new direction, finally introducing the Green Arrow. I loved 'The Arrow' as a dark character in Seasons 1 and 2 and now I'm ready to see Green Arrow. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each show's upcoming season.

The Flash (Season 2)


The Flash Season 1 was fantastic! This already automatically makes me excited for Season 2. We are introduced to time travel, which is awesome. We got some glimpses of it in the first season, but this season we are going to see so much more. We're also being introduced to Zoom. He is the more-violent version of the Reverse Flash. He is going to mess some stuff up!

We also get to see all the amazing characters of Season 1 returning, besides Eddie (who personally I didn't care for much). We will see Grodd, and then Captain Cold and Heatwave, who are going to be in Legends of Tomorrow but are still threats to the Flash and will continue to appear on the show. There are also a bunch of new awesome characters such as Jay Garrick, Wally West, Patty Spivot and so many more! Our favorite Tom Cavanagh is also returning with an unknown role but my guess is that he will be the regular Harrison Wells, who is alive because the Reverse Flash never killed him, because he doesn't exist anymore, which could lead to some problems...


The writers are very good and haven't run into too many plot holes yet but this could be a major problem. They have to address that the Reverse Flash is dead! This could mean that Harrison Wells never died, and so on and so forth. This can lead to a lot of writing problems that will just piss everyone off. It doesn't help that this is now a time travel show. So far, so good but this needs to avoid plot holes. Not only just plot holes, but bad and lazy writing. This is similar to episode 15, "Out of Time," including the "death" of Cisco, Barry revealing his identity and his love to Iris, along with a major tidal wave that is about to wipe out Central City. Barry then goes back in time and the timeline switches so that that never happened. If the writers mess something up, they can't just use time travel to fix it. It is lazy and very annoying for the fan base. There is a lot crammed into this season and they should really be careful with all they have on their hands. In other words, the CW/DC has to save stuff for Season 3 and beyond, or else the show will fall short, which I do not want to see happen!

Arrow (Season 4)


The Flash's lighter tone worked really well and because of that, Arrow Season 4 is taking that approach. The trailer has a similar tone to Season 3, which I call depressed, not dark like the first two. That was footage from the first three episodes, so obviously by the end of the season, we will see a big shift in tone -- as well as the Green Arrow himself. There are going to be some awesome Green Lantern easter eggs and Damien Darhk could come out to be a very interesting villain. If the rumors are true (which I believe) that he is Felicity's father, it will bring an interesting character arc to Felicity. We are also getting Anarky and he will be a great villain. Also, as we have the A.T.O.M. moving to Legends of Tomorrow, Mr. Terrific will be a great replacement as a new hero. There are a lot of good things going for Season 4, but a lot could go wrong...


I don't hate Felicity, but Olicity does not work for me. I actually hope that she gets killed off sometime this season because this will develop Oliver's character so much more, but let's see. Damien Darhk could also be a weak villain. Ra's a Ghul was great in all, but he didn't leave as much impact as Deathstroke in Season 2.

Arrow doesn't have a lot of source material, even though he has been around since the '40's! The one thing they have to stop doing is copying Batman storylines. The whole Ra's storyline that introduced Oliver into the League was a Batman storyline; good thing Oliver and Nyssa didn't have a baby. I also really did not care for the flashback sequences in Season 3. Put him back on that island where he belongs; that beard had to take some time to grow!


The Flash and Arrow are both fantastic shows and both have their pros and cons. I really wanted to point out the cons more than the pros because we all know about the potential of these shows. No matter what, the crossover between Flash and Arrow will be sweet and has something to do with time travel! As it is too early to pick a favorite, we will get a feeling in a few weeks for which one will exceed the other. The ultimate question here is:


What do YOU guys think? Vote and tell me below in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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