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Growing up, most of us all loved watching power rangers, running home after school to watch the latest episodes coming out. Have you ever wondered where the cast of Power Rangers is now? In this post, I'll be showing you what Jason David Frank has accomplished after leaving the spandex suit.

Fighting Career:

Starting at just four years of age, Jason was doing Karate, and by 12 he was teaching it. Jason David Frank is now a 7th degree black belt and inducted in the American Karate and Kung Fu Federation Hall of Fame. Jason also has two fighting schools called Rising Sun Karate Academy. As well as having two schools, he also trains and teaches all the past, present, and future Power Rangers! Jason also has created his own form of Mixed Martial Arts named "Toso Kune Do" which translates to "Way of the fighting fist." He also does online training on his website.

To visit his RisingSun Karate website Click Here.

To visit his online course Click Here.


There are a lot, so I'll just list a few:

  • 1994: Hall Of Fame- American Karate Kung Fu Federation
  • 2000: Fastest growing Karate School
  • 2003: Master Of the Year-World Karate Federation
  • 2004: Master Of the Year-free style Martial Arts
  • 2005:Arnold Schwarzenegger classics masters award
  • 2006: In The Top 10 Karate Schools in America
  • 2007: Black belt Hall Of Fame
  • 2007:Black Belt Hall Of Fame- Most Successful industry Leader
  • 2010: Won first Professional MMA Fight
  • 2013: Guinness World Record: most pine boards broken in free fall


Unfortunately, after being in the five Rangers, Jason has not been in many movies or shows; but he did in an episode in Super Power Beat Down. He also has a new show about his life called My Morphin Life.

Thank you for reading and please let me know if I forgot to add anything. Feel free to add it in the comments!

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